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Zack – Adopted

Male, 2 years old (born around August 2021)
Black and White
Zack is being fostered near Racine, WI. For more details, CLICK HERE to contact Zack’s foster home.

If you are interested in meeting Bob to see if you are a match, complete an adoption application with WBCR. This must be done before we can consider you to be matched with one of our Border Collies. Click the Adoption link and read the full application instructions.

October 28

After getting to run Fast CAT (coursing ability test) today, Zack could care less that there are fireworks outside. Zack ran 22 miles an hour. It was definitely a dog sport he enjoyed. He was pretty excited to meet lots of new people and dogs. Once he settled down we worked on being calm when meeting new people. He loves everyone (people & dogs) but his enthusiasm sometimes gets the best of him and he forgets his manners.

October 26

Zack is a 2 year old neutered male who seems to love everyone. He is a busy guy who enjoys and needs both physical and mental stimulation. Zack fits in with the pack at his foster home and enjoys running and wrestling with his foster brothers and sisters. He enjoys hanging with people too and will snuggle up for pets and love. He is very fast and quite smart (taught himself the doggie door in one day) so he would likely enjoy some kind of dog sport. Fill out an application on our website if you are interested.

October 10
Zack’s temporary caretaker after his original elderly owner fell ill says:
-He knows: Sit. Shake. No. Stay. Come here. Go for a ride. Outside on the rope. go out. Treat. Porch. Water.
-He loves all dogs, humans, and children. He barks at first when a human approaches but is happy.
-I kept him in a crate at first but then could leave him free in the house.
-His favorite thing is car rides.
-Thunder and gunshots make him shy and timid. Fireworks frighten him.
-He is very lovable. If you raise your voice, he is very sad so I hope his new family will be sensitive to that.
-He needs to be brushed regularly.
-He loves to play chase and tug-of-war.
-He does not like to stay in the hot sun. He prefers the house and shade.
-He loves his toys.