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Male, 3-4 years old

Black and White

72 pounds but overweight so he will be getting lighter

Reason in Rescue: Oakley’s family didn’t feel they could meet his needs as well as he deserved. They adored him; they just weren’t in a position to put in the amount of work a young BC requires.

Oakley is being fostered in Rochelle, IL. For more details, CLICK HERE to contact Oakley’s foster home.

If you are interested in meeting Oakley to see if you are a match, complete an adoption application with WBCR. This must be done before we can consider you to be matched with one of our Border Collies. Click the Adoption link and read the full application instructions.

May 14, 2024First swim!

Oakley had his first swim lesson and he did it! Check out our Facebook page for the video. All the humans were so proud of him.

April 25, 2024Vet visit

Oakley is now up to date on all of his vaccines today. The vet said he is perfectly healthy. He loves to play and run so his extra pounds should come off easily.

April 21, 2024Oakley fits in at his new foster home

As far as Border Collies go, Oakley is an easy-going guy. He likes to play with other dogs but respects them when they’re not interested. Oakley naturally deescalated the situation when meeting my own dogs by turning away or play bowing, and he immediately walks away when my grouchy girl sets her boundaries.

While in foster care, Oakley is working on weight loss and crate training. His family reported that he broke out of any crate they put him in, so we’re introducing crate games and acclimating him slowly. So far, so good! He readily enters the crate and is pretty relaxed as long as you stay nearby. He sleeps quietly in his crate next to our bed all night and eats his meals in there too. As we work on crate training, he’s loose in our house for 3-4 hours when we both have to go to work. He barks and throws puppy tantrums when he’s left alone, but even in this distressed state, he hasn’t had any accidents or chewed on anything. He doesn’t even destroy his plush toys.

Oakley has only been in his foster home for a few days, but it’s already clear that he has perfected potty training and being handsome. He LOVES cuddle time and being scratched, and he loves his foster siblings. Even when they’re not playing together, he just wants to be near them. He’s such a good boy!