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Mickey – Adopted

Male, approximately 4 years old
45 pounds, 20” tall
Black Tri
Excellent Health
Reason in Rescue: Stray before shelter, then released to rescue group

Mickey is being fostered in Caledonia, WI. For more details, CLICK HERE to contact Mickey’s foster home.

If you are interested in meeting Mickey to see if you are a match, complete an adoption application with WBCR. This must be done before we can consider you to be matched with one of our Border Collies. Click the Adoption link and read the full application instructions.

August 20, 2023

Mickey has come out of his shell and become very comfortable as a part of our household. He has never had an accident or chewed anything. He is also calm and quiet in his kennel. Mickey has learned to walk right into his kennel on command in anticipation of a treat. He is getting bolder during ball games and will retrieve balls that come near his “watch spot” under the tree. His activity level has increased since he has been here and he seems to have gained some strength and fitness. We are still working on a recall. He will often ignore you if he is busy. We are working on him getting a treat for checking in when his name is said and when he comes through the door. Mickey will often follow the other dogs when they come in but sometimes he seems content to hang outside under his tree. On the first day he was here, he jumped our 4-foot wooden fence. Luckily, he had a long line attached to his collar so he didn’t get anywhere. He had not shown any interest in jumping until the day potential adopters were here meeting Riley and he suddenly showed up at the front door and scratched to get in. We modified the fence and seemed to have discouraged him jumping. He has become quite attached to us and gets so happy and silly when we arrive home, He is definitely a dog that loves his people. Mickey is okay with our dogs but doesn’t seem interested in doing anything with them other than “herding” them during ball games. He has shown some interest in the cats but not with any amount of furor. Mickey is happy and easy going with myself, my husband and my two teenage daughters. Recently there was a group of six 19-year-olds here and Mickey seemed to feel overwhelmed. He barked and backed up but once they were here for a while, he was fine with them. Mickey is a sweet guy who is looking for someone to love him and spend quality time with him.

August 1, 2023

Mickey is a sweet, mellow, big boned, thick fluffy, black tri–Border Collie who is about four years old.  He bonds intensely to his person and follows you around.  When you leave and return, he gets very excited to see you. He leans on you and happily wants head/neck rubs; he might gently jump on you too. With unknown people he’s indifferent- hesitant with possibly a bark and raised tail alerting to a new person, but then ignores them. If they stick around for a while, then he might say hi. 

Mickey was a stray who took a few days to catch.  Once caught, he was taken to a shelter where they found out he had 2 tick diseases which they treated. He also has some sores/ulcers on his tongue and we don’t know the cause.  He eats fine so we cannot tell if they bother him or not.  Mikey is doing well with house and crate training. He is content once in the crate, but he doesn’t always like going into the crate. He rides quietly crated in the car, but needs to be lifted in.  He does not like water or the idea of getting a bath, but he’s fine with being brushed.

Mickey lives with other dogs and co-exists nicely. Most likely he would be content as an only dog too.  He has met a dog or two he will posture and grumble at, but overall he doesn’t care much about other dogs.  He loves being where his person is. He will happily go in and out of the house, but if you send him outside without you, he will come right back to door wanting to be inside with you; he does potty quickly outside before doing this.  Mickey takes treats gently and again just wants to lay by his person.  While other dogs were running in a field, he ran a bit with them and returned to me to hang out by me eventually laying down at my feet as a I threw a ball for the other dogs.

Mickey is a big, fluffy, ball of mellow sweetness. He’d love his own family who’s around a lot and wouldn’t mind a shadow throughout the day and giving pets and smiles at him as his big head looks adoringly at you happy to be getting your attention.

YouTube playlist for Mickey:

Other Dogs – Fine. He has not had issues at my house, but yesterday had issues with my friend’s male. Whenever the male came in his space, Mickey/Mick would grumble and puff up, then the boys would have a noisy disagreement; otherwise, he has been fine. The shelter he was at said they thought he would be dog selective. I have not seen that yet; I also don’t expect a dog to like all dogs so the grumpiness toward another dog was not ideal but could have been worse. It was manageable and normal especially if you don’t expect a dog to like everyone just like humans don’t.

Cats – I do not know. He was fine seeing them in shelter and fine around the guinea pigs at my house.

Kids – He has been fine around my grade school daughter and her friend.  More or less indifferent. First time meeting my daughter, he was barking and alert/unsure, but it was also the first time he met someone other than me since the shelter and first time someone randomly appeared at my house.

Fence- He respects my fence.  He’s clingy and wants to get back in the house if I’m not out with him so he might be boundary trained eventually.

Car- He has only ridden in a crate and is good. Needs to be lifted in.