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Request for Relinquishment

Please complete this form, then send an email to with pictures of the dog.

We prefer a minimum of 3 photos: a head shot and one from each side while dog is standing; all taken at the dog’s level from no more than five feet away. If you do not have the ability to email photos, please indicate that and an address will be provided for you to mail via US mail.

PLEASE NOTE: We are a very small rescue, and we currently do not have many foster homes available. Please check with other rescues. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Once this form is completed and pictures are submitted to the Wisconsin Border Collie Rescue Board, the Board will vote on whether or not this dog will be accepted into foster care or approved to be listed on our web page of other dogs who also need a home.

Please provide us with as much clear & accurate information as you can. Each bit of information helps to provide this dog with the best chance for finding a permanent home.