Other Dogs

This page is dedicated to Border Collies who are independently available and are NOT part of the WBCR foster program.

As is the case with breed rescue groups across the country, there are so many dogs that need a home and far too few foster spaces to take them in. The following dogs are courtesy listed to help an owner rehome their dog. The dogs listed here are NOT part of WBCR and the adoption is a private adoption with the owner, NOT WBCR.

Last updated on: May 24, 2023

  • We require that all dogs listed have all vaccinations up-to-date.
  • The information that we have on these dogs is from the owner, shelter, or individual who has found and is caring for the dog. When photos are available, we will post them with the dog.
  • If you are interested in one of these dogs, we have included the name and contact information for the caretaker/owner. It is up to you to check out the dog & make arrangements. Do not complete an adoption application through WBCR to adopt one of these dogs.
  • We are not responsible for these dogs as they are not in our rescue. We do not warrant these dogs, their temperament nor their health, nor do we know anything about them other than what the owners/shelters/caregivers have told us. All potential adopters should thoroughly investigate any dog that they are interested in.
  • WBCR does not charge an adoption fee for these dogs. Fees may be negotiated with the shelter or family housing the dog.
  • Here is an Evaluation Form that may help you to learn basic temperament of a dog that you are considering.

This page is for listing dogs needing help. Please let us know if the dog should be removed from this page. 

If you would like to request that your Border Collie be listed on this page, complete the “Request for addition to the Others Page” form or email relinquishment@wibordercollierescue.org


3yr, neutered male, BC/GSD mix, 24″ tall and 46#
Located in Oshkosh, WI
Contact Alyssa L for more information

Sid is an active and agile dog, who would love to go on day hikes or take a try at agility courses. He is very smart, teachable and thrives on having a job. When not chasing a ball you can find him bathing in the sun or foraging in a snuffle mat. Sid is very affectionate, cuddly and will want your reassuring pets. Sid knows many commands and tricks, he’ll even give you a high five!

Good with other dogs (meeting, walking past them, etc): This varies depending on his excitement level, will pull and give a bark if very interested in them.
Does the dog prefer to live as an only dog or with other dogs: Has lived with another dog with no issues, but would prefer to be the only dog.
Good with kids and any age restriction: No children
Does he require a fenced yard: No, has had a fenced yard, but is currently on a lead.
Is he crate trained: Yes
Would he enjoy and be fine at a dog park: No, dog parks are too overwhelming.
His Top 3 favorite activities: Playing fetch, Long walks, Snuffle mats
Your top 3 favorite traits the dog has:
Goofy, Loving, Curiosity


7yr, spayed female, BC, 21″ tall and 39#
Located in Milwaukee, WI
Contact Mary Beth A for more information

Quantum is a lovable, energetic purebred border collie who prefers to be working protecting her family and fetching toys.  I’m sure she would herd chickens, but isn’t fond of other dogs or small children, though she reportedly has shared a home with a German shepherd before.   I haven’t tested her with cats.  She lunges at passing cars, so always needs to be walked on leash and belted with her harness in the car, but otherwise has great manners.  She does well in the crate overnight and while we’re out of the house, but is always close by otherwise, attentive and focused on her toys and our activities.  My 11 year old son loves with kick and throw balls for her outside, and she respects our 4 foot fence.  She comes when called very reliably, and sits for treats and gives a paw, but is still working on her soft mouth for toys and food.  We would totally keep her, but she is a little too rough for our toddler and doesn’t care for our boxer dog.  

Good with other dogs (meeting, walking past them, etc): Good with some dogs and unsure of others
Does the dog prefer to live as an only dog or with other dogs: yes (has a big space bubble with certain dogs)
Good with kids and any age restriction: better with older kids (6 and up)
Does she require a fenced yard: yes
Is she crate trained: Yes
Would she enjoy and be fine at a dog park: maybe. Doesn’t like certain dogs in her personal space.
Her Top 3 favorite activities: fetching her many treasured toys/balls, cuddling on the couch, chasing shadows

The dogs listed here are NOT part of WBCR and the adoption is a private adoption with the owner, NOT WBCR.

Please contact WBCR at relinquishment@wibordercollierescue.com if you are having trouble contacting any of the contacts listed or if you think the page needs to be updated.