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Male, 7 months old (born in April 2023)
Reason in Rescue: Owners relinquished due to their age and ability to care for a young dog.

Hogan is being fostered in Rochelle, IL. For more details, CLICK HERE to contact Hogan’s foster home.

If you are interested in meeting Hogan to see if you are a match, complete an adoption application with WBCR. This must be done before we can consider you to be matched with one of our Border Collies. Click the Adoption link and read the full application instructions. Hogan will be ready to meet potential adopters in mid December.

November 26, 2023

Hogan is a 7-month old purebred, smooth coat tri-color BC who came into rescue because his elderly owners realized he was too much for them. He’s a typical adolescent BC who needs lots of patience, lots of activity, and lots of training. He has been staying in Rochelle, IL while his foster home is travelling over Thanksgiving, and he’ll be transferring to Racine, WI soon to get updated veterinary care and find his forever family.

In Rochelle, he has gotten along well with the other 6 BCs in the home, although he annoys them often with his constant insistence that they wrestle and chase him. Less patient dogs would certainly take exception, but Hogan means no harm. He does need to work on self-control and focus instead of being distracted by every little thing, so we introduced food puzzles this week. He’s found some to be easier than others, but we’ve been impressed by his effort. He’s quite curious, which helps in introducing new things like stairs. For the first 2 days, he needed to be leashed in order to find the confidence to go up or down the stairs. By day 3, he didn’t need the leash anymore, but he went down sideways for another few days. It took him a bit to adapt to visitors too. Hogan was overwhelmed at first by all the extra people who came for Thanksgiving, but he adapted quickly and was very appropriate with our 2- and 4-year-old grandkids who were here.

Hogan is a lover. He wants to sit on your lap or lean against you, and he loves to be pet. He plays with all kinds of toys – and things he THINKS are toys – and he loves treats. He’s learning that we go outside to potty and that he shouldn’t herd people. Border Collie puppies are not for everyone, but he’s going to make someone very happy as long as they enjoy staying busy.

November 18, 2023

Hogan arrived at his foster home.