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Chip – Adopted

You must complete an adoption application with WBCR before we will consider you for one of our Border Collies (under the “adoption” link). Then go to our PayPal link to pay the $15.00 application fee. One of our volunteers will check your references, and then another will come to your home to meet you & your family in person before the board will vote on your application. If you are approved, we will arrange a time for you to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. If you decide he/she is perfect for you and the board agrees, we will schedule a day for you to pick up your Border Collie, sign adoption paperwork, and pay the $350 minimum adoption donation. This whole process may take a month or more, as all WBCR members are volunteers and we’re committed to making a perfect match for our border collies. Thanks for your patience!


Please contact Lori for more information on Chip2 Year Old Male (Caledonia, WI) – Adopted!

October 14

Chip has been in foster care for a week now. In that time he has been neutered and had the chance to meet multiple people and animals. A couple of observations about Chip now that he has been here a week: He has started to think about chasing the cats. He is easily called off with his name (he has excellent response, and turns on the dime), but we are keeping an eye on this. He doesn’t seem mean at all, and he is fine with the tougher cats who will ignore him or interact with him but the ones that run away have definitely become more interesting. Chip figured out that we have goats. When they were grazing close to the fence, he did do a “drive by” and bark at them a bit as he ran past. He is VERY interested in our caged indoor rabbits. He was staring at them and was very attentive to their movements. Matter of fact my husband said “he has eye!” but I don’t think our rabbits would be happy to substitute for sheep. When he plays with the other dogs he loves to play chase and will “herd” his foster brother Danny when he plays with his big ball (which is more of a dominance move). Chip reads other dogs quite well and will back off if they tell him to. He continues to be sweet and loving with everyone he meets and has such a gentle way about him. His leg lifting has gotten dramatically better and we are gradually weaning him off the belly band. My family continues to really like Chip and we are excited to help find him an awesome forever home with someone who will love this sweet boy!

October 8

Chip is an 18 month old purebred Border Collie that came to us via a shelter on October 5th. His people turned him in to the shelter citing lack of time as their reason. Although he has only been in his foster home a few days, he has fit right in and acts like he has lived here his whole life. He gets along extremely well with the 4 dogs living here and actually has been playing with the crabby female Border Collie who normally rarely tolerates other dogs. This big, beautiful, red boy enjoys wrestling and playing with the young male dogs in the house but is equally happy hanging with the people.

He is a great mix of sweet and bold. He is not afraid to try new things, but not so independent that he ignores direction. Chip is easily corrected with a gutteral “ahh!” He has great leash manners and is not a puller. He showed slight interest in the 5 cats in the house but he backed right-up when hissed at, and now pretty much ignores them unless they approach him. He has shown no interest in the goats on the other side of the fence. He is super sweet and will gently set his head on your lap so you can stroke his soft head and ears. Chip has not shown himself to be destructive or as a chewer. One bad habit of his is leg lifting, and we are working hard to break that. He was neutered today (10/8) and is wearing a belly band in the house as well as being under careful watch. Chip is already a family favorite, because he will cuddle with my teenage daughters. He is going to be a wonderful addition to someone’s family.