Relinquishing Your Dog

Border Collies trickle into rescue for many reasons. Some are found as strays or are left at shelters. Some come to us directly as owner-surrenders for various reasons: death, injury, or illness of the dog’s owner, divorce, allergies, moving, and behavioral issues.

We realize that relinquishing one’s dog can be a painful decision. If we can help you find a way to keep your Border Collie (by offering guidance on behavioral issues, training problems, etc.), we are more than happy to help.

Here is one resource that offers advice on finding ways to keep your dog:

When you contact us about relinquishing a dog, please let us know whether the dog is spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Due to the fact we are a not for profit entity and our cost per dog far outweighs our adoption fee, a $50.00 donation is required on all owner surrenders.

Upon receipt into rescue, the dog will be spayed/neutered and brought up to date on vaccinations as needed. The dog will be heartworm tested and started on heartworm treatment. Sometimes the dogs are in rescue for weeks or even months before being placed. During that time, they live in foster homes where they are fed high-quality food.

We do our best to provide socialization and obedience training for the dogs in our care. All of these expenditures far exceed our adoption fee. Your donations are much appreciated.
We do give priority to Border Collies that are being held in shelters, since they are in danger of euthanasia. We decide which dogs we can take on a case by case basis.

Please fill out one of the Request for Relinquishment Forms. All form submission requests must be followed by an email to with pictures of the dog. We need a  minimum of 3 photos; a head shot and one from each side (dog standing) all taken at the dogs level from no more than five feet away if you do not have the ability to email photos please indicate that and an address will be provided for you to mail via US mail. Our relinquishment representative will be in contact with you after receiving the form and pictures.
If we accept your dog into rescue you will also need to sign our relinquishment agreement. You must understand that you have relinquished all rights to the dog and may not re-claim the dog once he/she has been placed in a new home.
It is helpful if you can bring the dog to us. We have to do a lot of traveling when we place a dog, so we must place the burden of traveling on the relinquishing party.



Request for Relinquishment

Please complete this form & submit pictures. Send an email  to with pictures of the dog. We prefer a  minimum of 3 photos; a head shot and one from each side (dog standing) all taken at the dogs level from no more than five feet away. If you do not have the ability to …

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Request for addition to Others Page

Please fill out the following information then send an email to with the following: At least one picture of the dog to be listed A short paragraph description of the dog with any potential issues, temperament, and any other pertinent information.  Please note the information in this description will be provided in the listing on …

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