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Titan (Adoption Pending!)

You must complete an adoption application with WBCR before we will consider you for one of our Border Collies (under the “adoption” link). Then go to our PayPal link to pay the $15.00 application fee. One of our volunteers will check your references, and then another will come to your home to meet you & your family in person before the board will vote on your application. If you are approved, we will arrange a time for you to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. If you decide he/she is perfect for you and the board agrees, we will schedule a day for you to pick up your Border Collie, sign adoption paperwork, and pay the $350 minimum adoption donation. This whole process may take a month or more, as all WBCR members are volunteers and we’re committed to making a perfect match for our border collies. Thanks for your patience!

Please contact Drue for more information on Titan (Ti)3 Year Old Male (Bannockburn, IL) – ADOPTION PENDING!

June 18

How to describe Ti?

1. Sweet but never dull.

2. Goes with the flow, but with young individuality that can’t be overlooked.

3. Amazing brain, but never plotting. (LOL- BCs can and do this!)

4. Loyal. He likes some part of him touching some part of you, but he’s not needy.

5. Adaptive.(Men? “Sure!”) (Children? “Fun!”) (Dogs? “Pile on!”) (Cats? “Cool!”) (Wild life? “Yawn”.)

6. Generous. He’s full of love and shares it!

Ti deserves someone with a heart as big as his. Could that someone be you?

May 30

Ti’s household has been busy outside. Ti has contributed to cleaning up the yard and preparing flower beds by clearing sticks. Since he knows “pick it up” and “drop”, he’s capable of moving stuff to a designated pile, right? OK, maybe there were dance moves midway and maybe the pile kept moving…but it was fun. Especially when he learned treats could appear from the kitchen through open windows to the patio – cool!

Since sunny days are now coming a little more often, we hope to plant flowers soon. So, I’m pleased to report that Ti is not a digger. He never minds running through mud and dirt, but leaves it at that. (Speaking of his feet, he did well with his first sanding drum nail trim. The new sound and feel of it can be scary to dogs, but he handled it reasonably, which is his approach to most everything.)

This handsome boy is a dream to be around! I’m surprised he hasn’t been snagged by anyone yet. He’s a real catch!

April 14

Titan has met the Easter Bunny and liked snuggling with her! Ti was happy and excited milling in a small area with families and other dogs who stood waiting their turn for this rabbit-on-steroids meet and greet.

When Ti is excited inside somewhere, he doesn’t lunge, bark or jump up; instead, he pulls, circles some, then pauses. I thought he might freak when it was his turn, but no….he went to the bench seat Bunny was sitting on and hopped on and off it several times. When Bunny squeezed a squeaky toy, Ti focused on her, then just settled in, like he’d discovered a huge, upright couch with arms to hold him. Funny and sweet.

Come to think, Ti is an awesome snuggler when folks stretch out on the couch to read or watch TV. He’s learned to extend and fit against your side or back for as long as you stay put. No angles- he’s just a soft, plush heating pad. Loving that physical connection with his humans is part and parcel of Ti’s companionable personality.

Everyone here welcomes the April snow storms we’ve been having- no mud! Ti ignores ducks who have returned to swim and nest in the fenced pool. In general, he pays very little attention to squirrels or other outside wildlife. It’s so much more fun to play chase and to try to out maneuver the resident dogs!

March 30

Ti continues to have fun on his errand runs out and about. He likes everyone he meets- men, women, children and other dogs. He loves being busy in the center of things and barks some until he’s reminded to be quiet. (Ti doesn’t jump up, but his strong body enthusiasm is better suited to older kids.) His mouth is wonderfully soft when he accepts treats I provide during these greetings.

Ti is great when he’s playing with and around people who are standing- isn’t pushy and doesn’t run into them. In contrast to his soft mouth, Ti does tend to push forward when he seeks affection with someone who is sitting or lying down. He’s an angular (feet and elbows) cuddler, so we’re working on initial settling down to be beside someone rather than in their laps. Once settled, he’s a warm, sweet companion to snuggle with and pet.

March 8

Maybe it’s Spring fever. Or just the typical evening blast of energy after dinner. Ti has graduated to being allowed on the family room couch as long as he asks for permission first. Also, as long as his goofing around doesn’t annoy others. So far, this means he’s been disinvited pretty quickly cuz he’s been jumping on and off, wedging himself in between others, nibbling on the coverlet, and grabbing toys. Cats scattering all directions. It’s like watching Jim Carrey role play Ace Ventura- I keep expecting Ti to yell, “AAALLLrighty, then!” On the up side, he’s learned the phrase, “on the floor” which I can add to lie down and other commands.

With temps warming some, we’re enjoying staying outside longer and later. Lots of zoomie running. And Ti has added some focused patrolling of our back fence line and woods during play breaks from the resident dogs. He’s comfortable that this is his domain, and he may be protecting the perimeter as many male dogs do. Or, he’s just enjoying discoveries in thawing snow. Like any normal dog, he’s noticing and barking more outdoors at increased foot traffic going by. This is happening particularly at one fence spot where he watched a neighbor walk his dog last weekend. Hats off to his good memory, but I’m correcting unnecessary barking.

I’ve reported that he’s steady, and he is. He’s not afraid of loud noises like appliances running or some thunder snow we experienced briefly. Today, he got a nail trim and handled it without fuss.(Trims will be necessary so he doesn’t scratch people with his happy pawing, which we keep working on.)

That said, Ti’s approach to things does have some puppy-like qualities. He’s innocently curious about many things around him that my dogs ignore. I was just holding an empty flannel shoe bag, felt a slight jerk and looked down to see Ti pushing his nose inside it. My bad a few weeks back- one TV remote and one screwdriver handle were chewed. Pay attention, and he communicates his opinions/ wishes freely and well. Ti has the potential for many things and people who include him in conversations will learn a lot.

February 25

Titan is a thinking dog. I wish I had a “before” picture, but, note the old poncho he’s lying on in this photo taken after I watched him problem solve one evening when everyone had settled down after some rambunctious after dinner play. Ti’s favorite floor mats were in the laundry and he knows he’s not allowed on furniture. Ti spied the poncho when it was on the foot rest almost on top of the two nesting cats. He quietly approached. Without disturbing the cats, he gently pawed at the poncho until he got it to the edge and could take it in his mouth. He picked his floor spot, dropped it, then pawed it into a nest before laying down. Concentrated effort accomplished his mission- smart!

Just one short ball retrieving session in the front yard now has Ti sitting at the front door looking beseechingly whenever we’re near by. Border collies have great memories.

February 13

Ti is a showman. His full body happy strut makes every place he is cheerful. The fun starts with his high stepping front gait and ends in the grand finale of his proud crescent tail. (That tail… along with the rest of his fur, that tail laughs at burrs, which get no further than the outer edges of his coat. No tangles – they flick right off. I expect the same will happen with mud and other stuff active border collies encounter.)

This boy is handsy (see the picture of him with the red Nylabone) and strong, so he’s been working on being gentle when he swings a loving paw over human wrists and arms. We’re starting to channel that action into some tricks.

He is blooming and starting to push the envelope a bit. This is expected because Ti has become comfortable enough to risk expressing opinions. He’s testing normal kid stuff – “I don’t have to [sit/lie down/wait] right away if I don’t want to. Oh, I have to? OK.” He’s trying some “me, me, me” behavior with barking from his crate first thing in the morning, but readily quiets when I tell him to.

His outdoor play with my dogs has a new gear because he’s getting more fit and building endurance. That play also has new intensity because he’s beginning to test dominance. He has heeded each dog who’s put him in his place. I halt play that’s getting over stimulated or rougher than I care for, and Ti listens, makes eye contact, and readily redirects to tennis balls. All has been easy to correct/manage because his true colors really are sweet.

February 6

Titan (“Ti”) has been cheerfully busy this first week in foster care. He loves running and wrestling in the snow with his foster siblings. On the days before and after the extreme cold, all of the dogs could safely stay out long enough to cook-up games, and Ti’s herding moves matched everyone else’s. His play-style is non-confrontational; he doesn’t resource guard, and he appropriately heeds my dogs’ corrections. That doesn’t mean Ti gives-up; he’s strong and persistent, he hangs in with his own demands. In the house, tennis balls are his favorite toy. Ti’s usually the first to follow a ball that’s rolled under the couch. He’ll return it and drop on command. We’re working on leave it when it’s time for play to stop.

On Monday, Ti got a great wellness report at the vet. He tested negative for heartworm and tick borne diseases. Our vet confirmed the Iowa shelter vet’s discovery, finding that barely noticeable “lines” (pupillary membrane) are in a small part of Ti’s left eye would have been there when Ti was born. This doesn’t cause him any vision problem and will not change over his lifetime. He was way bouncy during his exam, which included microchipping and shots, but he stayed his sweet self. The vet staff laughed at one spectacular “sit, spin and sit again” move; they dubbed him a very active goof!

Ti has mastered going up and down all stairs in the house except the basement stairs. It was interesting to see him work through that uncertainty. He didn’t want to pass the open basement door, but wanted the water bowl that was just beyond it. He tried and backed away several times, then thought a bit and decided to approach the water by circling widely to avoid the basement door/stairs. He passes that door without blinking now.

Ti has learned to sit and wait to go upstairs and through doorways. This is easier for him to do than lie down/settle down evenings in the same room with us. He loves engaging with his people. Even when he’s going to be right at our feet, lie down/settle down signals an unwanted (for him) disconnect. We’re making progress on this by transitioning with a Kong which he mouths like a pacifier. Like a little kid, he slowly relaxes and the off switch kicks-in. What a good boy!

January 29

Meet Titan, a fun, smart 3 year old Border Collie mix with a heart of gold!

A caring Iowa shelter had received him as a stray by someone who knew him from the neighborhood. She said she knew his name was Titan and thought she knew where he lived, but the trailer was gone from the site she took him to. No worries, because Titan’s luck was about to improve….

When the hold period ended and Titan was not claimed, the shelter contacted WBCR because they knew foster-homing with folks who know border collies would be best for this deserving boy. They also knew a pilot who agreed to fly Titan to us and arrived with him just ahead of the latest snow and cold. Titan cheerfully greeted everyone at the airport with tail wags and prancing, then eagerly jumped into his car crate and came home for fostering.

He’s a happy, steady boy! From the very first, he’s been quiet in his crate all night. He’s not a barker, although it’s a nice, deep bark when he appropriately alerts. He does make a variety of funny sounds when he’s been put in his crate and people are home.

He’s medium energy so far.There was very little fuss when he met our home’s Border Collies and cats, and none of it was coming from him. He’s playful and loves romping with other dogs and retrieving balls.

He’s house-trained and came knowing “sit” and “come”. He has great eye contact and quickly learned not to charge out of his crate when its door is opened. He mastered “down” in 4 tries. The only thing so far that’s made him nervous is stairs. That’s normal when a dog first encounters them and we’re working on it.

This adorable boy really loves people and is an energetic snuggler. 😄 His smooth coat is so dense and plush, it feels like a mutual massage when I’m petting him. Titan is a pleasure- a very fun dog who behaves as if he’s always been here.

January 26

Titan just flew in from Iowa. Stay tuned for details!