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Rowan (Adoption Pending!)

You must complete an adoption application with WBCR before we will consider you for one of our Border Collies (under the “adoption” link). One of our volunteers will check your references, and then another will come to your home to meet you & your family in person before the board will vote on your application. If you are approved, we will arrange a time for you to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. If you decide he/she is perfect for you and the board agrees, we will schedule a day for you to pick up your Border Collie, sign adoption paperwork, and pay the $350 minimum adoption donation. This whole process may take a month or more, as all WBCR members are volunteers and we’re committed to making a perfect match for our border collies. Thanks for your patience!

Please contact Drue for more information on Rowan – 2 or 3 Year Old Female (Adoption Pending!)

August 9

Rowan had some fun running errands with me yesterday. It was all good – she hesitated just on the first crate up in the car, then jumped in without any concern at various stops after that. We continued to work on sitting and waiting at curbs before crossing parking lots. I’d forgotten her Easy Walk harness, and, without it, she continues to pull hard when she wants to sniff under bushes – patient work on that will need to be ongoing. She was great at greeting the public with me as we waited outside the stores my son went in. Calm, friendly, no jumping up on folks who stopped to chat and pet. Her reward for being a pleasant window shopper was a teeny, tiny bit of hamburger when we stopped for lunch – her stool is normal now and we’re keeping it that way.

Then, leaps and bounds in the back yard early this morning! First, Rowan got the zoomies, running hard, fast, banking turns and twisting mid-stride to change direction. Next, she initiated rowdy physical play one at a time with two of the other dogs. Then played tug with a soft toy with the smallest dog – a first! It’s not new for her to chase and harass one of the dogs when they’re retrieving balls. But breakthrough – she chased a tennis ball herself, picked it up, tossed it to herself a few times, then laid down with it and began to rip it’s cover before I interrupted that part. On top of it all, her plunges into the woods were for the first time secondary activity to the ongoing communal play, with great check-ins and recalls (At least until the very end when everyone’s play was slowing down and she went off to discover/dig a nest of something in the woods that I had to walk her away from.) I teased her that this morning must have been about the hamburger, but she told me that she’s been watching, learning and just decided to join in today. The amazing inner workings of the BC mind!

August 5

This week, the vet found that Rowan’s spay incision had healed beautifully, so stitches and e collar were removed. Rowan was great at the vet’s- she managed the stitch removal and her final booster shot pretty calmly. Her coat has improved with the good nutrition and full body petting she’s getting, but it will get even better after a bath with the oatmeal shampoo and cream rinse the vet sent home with us!

With no restrictions on her activities and without the e collar, Rowan is a very busy girl outside. The morning of her first day “free”, I kept her on a long lead and let her plunge into the woods she’s been hankering to get to. Sometimes I could only see her tail wagging as she jumped and trotted through the underbrush, but she came back into the yard to me when I whistled.

Later, off lead, she started bouncing with two of my dogs, matching their physical play style, then ran hard, swapping leads with the fastest dog. She watched them retrieve balls and ran a bit towards balls and discs tossed to her, but didn’t pick them up. Some interest in stuffed animal toys, headed towards evisceration. 🤔Later, she chased my ball chasing dogs, tried to herd a bit, got corrected and took it in stride. Much of Rowan’s outside play is puppyish exurberance and “no mouth” has been added to her training. (Inside, she’s pretty calm- puts herself into a down when I tell her to “leave it, no cats” and knows their names. She definitely has an off switch and likes to settle down near me when our down times jibe. When I’m off site or otherwise engaged, she crates easily and quietly.)

Outside play is frequently interspersed with baaaack into the woods for more ground scenting/exploring. As she’s gotten comfortable in the yard, Rowan isn’t always quick to come. Yesterday, when I searched for her, she was digging an impressive hole in the woods. This monkey might really enjoy barn hunts and nose work. And we keep working on a good recall with distractions.

Rowan is progressing at down, offering alternating paws, and wait. Distractions are the hardest part of walking on leash without pulling, but she’s a pleasure to work with cuz she’s quick and willing. She’s interested in her surroundings and open to new things. Doesn’t startle at loud, sudden noises and likes meeting new people. All told, a little girl who’s a pleasure to be around!

July 25

Rowan has been in foster care for 5 days now, recovering from her spay. She’s feeling better daily and would love to ditch her Elizabethan collar- alas, she’s got 9 more days before both her stitches and that collar can be removed. She’s quiet in her crate, completely potty trained and quickly learned how and where we go outside. Bright and very tuned to her environment, she’s eager and inquisitive. It seems that she’s not had much previous training, but we’re making progress with sit, watch me and not pulling on her leash.

Rowan is figuring out the 3 resident male dogs here. She’s snapped at each of them when they got close to her e collar. But she’s walked with them, relaxed with them peaceably at other times and clearly wanted to join in outside when they play bowed to her. (Alas again- no romping for her until her incision is healed.) She’s tail wagging interested in our indoor cats. Outside, she’s very excited and pulls hard when a squirrel or rabbit flits by, but I’ve been able to distract her to leave it. She’s not as interested in passing cars and bikes – whew.

In general, she’s been quiet, confident and settles easily. I’ve only heard her bark twice, but this morning she was vocalizing in her crate, making cheerful sounds when the household was waking up. She’s sweet, but nobody’s pushover. It’s early days, with more ahead to unfold for all of us.

July 20

Rowan is a cool dog with lots of personality and spunk! If left alone, she can be a chewer and get into trouble. She came from a shelter in Tennessee and is in good health. She seems to be a good weight (32 pounds) and is in good health. Before Wisconsin Border Collie Rescue got her, she had a litter of pups. We do not know where they were placed. Rowan has since been spayed. She is currently recovering from her spay in her foster home in Illinois. Stay tuned for more information!