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Rock – Adopted!

You must complete an adoption application with WBCR before we will consider you for one of our Border Collies (under the “adoption” link). One of our volunteers will check your references, and then another will come to your home to meet you & your family in person before the board will vote on your application. If you are approved, we will arrange a time for you to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. If you decide he/she is perfect for you and the board agrees, we will schedule a day for you to pick up your Border Collie, sign adoption paperwork, and pay the $250 minimum adoption donation. This whole process may take a month or more, as all WBCR members are volunteers and we’re committed to making a perfect match for our border collies. Thanks for your patience!

Please contact Andrea for more information on Rock (Adopted!)

Click HERE to watch a video of Rock!
Click HERE to watch another video of Rock (playing with another dog)!

February 13

Dear Border Collie Lovers, Are you looking for me? I think so. I have some quirks that need some patience and training but if you can handle those, I am going to be your favorite really quickly. Here is what I am looking for in my forever home.

1. I need a neighborhood without a lot of traffic.

2. I need someone who can stay strong and consistent with the rules. I’m a one year old who is extremely smart.

3. My recall is pretty good when I’m not distracted by a car or chasing another dog.

4. I don’t have to go on super long walks but they are awesome and tire me out. You can work my brain with toys and ball.

5. I want to cuddle! Can I get pet and snuggle next to you or on you.

6. I will love you and all your friends. I want a family who can train me to show my love appropriately. I am so chill and relaxed once I know you but I can be over the top sometimes when you are new to me. It makes getting adopted tough because you only see my super enthusiastic side.


January 30

Rock is a rockstar. He is so enjoyable to have around everyday. He is going to be a dreamy dog for his forever family.

We are working on “stay” and it’s going well. He does very well with “sit,” “off,” and “lie down.” He still gets very excited with guests inside the house but massive improvement over the last four weeks. He is a gentleman meeting people outside on walks so I think the next time I have someone over we will meet outside first. He loves all people.

We visited a dog park this past weekend during a slow, cold time hoping that not a lot of people would be there. I wanted to give him a chance to run off leash. He hated the first two minutes when he was being chased by some dogs so we turned around and headed back towards the exit. Then he realized he could be the chaser and for the next twenty minutes he chased and was chased. No negative behavior from him or other dogs while playing. The only exception was at the end when I was ready to go and Rock was having too much fun so he didn’t want to come back to me. He eventually did and all was well. I’m not a fan of the dog park for Border Collies but this trip was a success.

He has been in foster care for two months and he is a different (much more calm) dog than when we picked him up. It’s amazing what some exercise and structure has done for this boy. I think he will be successful in a house with another dog or as an only dog. He just wants love and walks with some treats and toys.

January 14

I believe Rock saw himself in the mirror for the first time. I wish I had a camera. The bedroom door closed revealing a full length mirror and he laid eyes on himself. He did a light, little tap dance of excitement, tilted his head, looked at me in the mirror, looked at Zap, looked at himself again, and touched noses to make sure that was him. I could hardly handle the cuteness.

Rock is still a busy body but he is getting more into snuggles every day. He loves to get as close to you as he can so you can use both hands to pet him. He still walks and jogs nicely on leash. He continues to love to wrestle nonstop with my dog. He still loves to hold a Frisbee in his mouth while my dog catches another. Rock also likes to roll around on the ice and chomp on the snow. He still settles nicely in his crate, too.

It’s hard to get pictures of him that aren’t blurry because he is usually on the move outside the crate. He is still not lunging at cars as they pass by, but he is still interested in them, so this needs constant training/distracting techniques. The new improvement is I can work on my laptop more and more without putting Rock in his crate. For example, as I type this he is playing by himself rolling a tennis ball around the room while my dog chews on a toy. Previously, I had to crate him while I worked on the computer, because he wouldn’t settle down. We’re working on having an “off switch,” and he’s gradually improving. This boy is loving life, but is longing for his forever home.

IMG_1947 FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender(1)

January 2

Rock continues to be such a happy, positive dog. When my dog has had enough of wrestling and harshly tells Rock to stop, Rock backs off instead of fights back. I still refer to him as the football player because he is so strong but he understands when he has gone too far (in another dog’s opinion).

I am trying to introduce him to more strangers. When we meet neighbors during a walk, he sits and is extremely calm. When I have guests over he gets really excited, but is settling more quickly.

Rock loves his crate and that’s where he settles the best. I think he has so much potential for agility or herding because of his strength, focus, and desire to please…or maybe it is a desire for head rubs and treats. He will be a great fit for an active home!

RockFrisbee Rock_Alert

December 27
A lot has changed now that Rock can get out to run and play. A few big updates are:

1. Running….We have gone for a few runs which he loves. He keeps a nice steady forward pace. He doesn’t pull much and really seems to enjoy the fun of running together.

2. Fetch…He plays Frisbee. He definitely fetches which is his favorite part. He is getting better about “drop it” which I think is impressive since he just started playing a week ago. Once he realized I will throw it right back for him, he caught on relatively quickly. Mostly he wants to hang on to his Frisbee and do a bit of herding as my dog goes after another Frisbee. Rock doesn’t make contact with my dog so they can play at the same time and not irritate one another.

3. Cars….Rock has made massive improvements with the car chasing. I’m not sure how he learned so quickly but he has been consistent the last few days. If a car is coming towards us, he sits with his back towards the car and faces me. He gets his head pets as it passes. He usually waits for me to say “free” before he gets up and continues. I can’t believe the change. He hasn’t lunged in days!

4. Snuggles…Now that he is more active, he is also more snuggly. He always has wanted to get pets but he also wants to be a lap dog and just get full body massage. It’s quite adorable and relaxing for both of us.

Rock is an extremely fast learner as you can see. He is so enjoyable in so many ways.

FullSizeRender IMG_1518

December 19
Rock continues to be a non-stop dog. He wants to jump, run, wrestle, and play but he has a few more days of exercise restrictions remaining. He is a lot of movement all the time when he is out of his crate. If I want to sit down for TV or meals I crate him. My dog has started to wrestle with him so this is a wonderful way for them to pass the time until mine gets tired of Rock or until they get too excited and I have to tell them to stop.

He is a sweet boy who doesn’t know his own strength. For example, he still pulls on walks with his gentle leader but will stop, sit, and ask for a head rub mid-stride. The snow and cold don’t bother him a bit. I’m not sure Rock will ever be able to be off leash without a fence. There is nothing I can do to distract him when a car is passing. He is getting better but the stare and lunge are still present.

IMG_1701 IMG_1665

A few days ago Rock was introduced to tennis balls. He tries to stick two in his mouth at a time but only one fits. This is quite entertaining because while one is in his mouth he paws and goes after the second one. I had to move a vase and a plant because he doesn’t care what’s balancing on stools around the room.

Rock4 Rock5

December 11
It has been a big week for Rock. He was neutered and handled everything like the Rockstar he is. Of course everyone loved him and he loved everyone at the vet. He hasn’t bothered his stiches at all so he hasn’t had to wear the dreaded cone. His incision is healing so nicely. You would never know he had surgery because his energy level and playfulness was at full strength the next morning. Luckily he is calm in his crate so we are playing crate games to avoid running and jumping. While at the vet we found out that he is heartworm negative. YAY! However he is positive for Lyme and Anaplasmosis. Both are tick related diseases so he has started antibiotics for the next four weeks.

Rock1 Rock2

Rock will sit extremely still whenever I am scratching his head. He loves it. He also likes to burrow his head into my lap and just sit there while I scratch his shoulders and neck. It’s the sweetest thing.

Prior to neutering: Rock now loves toys. I think the newness of everything the first few days held him back. He spends a lot of time throwing stuffed animals and bones up in the air to jump and chase them. He is happy to entertain himself this way. He still wants to play and wrestle with my dog. My dog has snapped at him a few times and Rock backs up or gives a quick snap back but all their communication has been very appropriate with each other.

Post neutering: I had to put the toys away because he just wants to play. While he is in his crate he gets to play with treat toys and he is happy to spend the time trying to get kibble out.

Fur Coat
Rock’s fur is so smooth and soft. It is the perfect length and texture to not give issue with burrs. He has tolerated a couple baths. I have to pick him up and put him in but can relatively easily rinse off his feet considering there is just one of me. He is a bit clumsy when peeing so it has gotten on his front paws. We are thinking this will change with age and time.

Walks and Stairs
He can go up and down stairs just fine. He was scared the first time but did it all on his own. He won’t go down into the basement even if I am down there with my dog. I am using a gentle leader on Rock for walks. This made a huge difference with the pulling. I think he would love a fenced in yard where he can romp and play. Each day we make progress with getting his attention while a car is passing. He is still doing fantastic with sit and wait. He just started to do “lie down” and he is picking it up so quickly. He is also improving on staying in a sit position. He wants to do so well. You can see him trying.


December 3
Rock came into our rescue on December 1 after being surrendered by a family that loved him but didn’t have the time or knowledge on how to handle a young Border Collie. He is one year old and spent most of that time in an outdoor kennel due to his energy. They had four young kids, ducks, and cats and report that he did well with all of them. He was in a shelter for a week before we got him and they reported that he loved all dogs and all humans.

Here is what I have learned in our short 48 hours together:
1. He loves being pet and he loves food. He may crave pets and scratches more than food which says a lot considering how much he loves meal time and treats.
2. Rock has lots to learn but also seems to be a fast learner. He knows sit, wait, and his name.
3. He is a car chaser so when he sees a vehicle in motion it takes a lot of effort to distract and hang on to him. We are working on this.
4. I also assume he is new to walking on a leash. We made great progress today but a ten minute walk took us 45 minutes as I redirected his pulling.
5. He enjoys his crate and he has an off switch once inside. (Although see #10 below.)
6. Rock wants to play. He is trying so hard to get my dog to wrestle but mine is not interested. Rock prances and pokes to entice him but poor Rock is turned down each time.
7. He is protective over food so feeding time is definitely separate.
8. He met two humans so far who were both male. He was beyond excited to greet them. Rude, jumpy, and demanding hugs (literally wrapping his front legs around their wastes and holding on). I’m not sure if this is a male thing or just new people thing. I saw a glimpse of this side of him when I first met him. Stay tuned as we figure out and work on his normal greeting manners.
9. His collar was not loosened as he grew so his neck fur is missing but starting to grow back. The redness from skin irritation is settling as well.
10. Rock doesn’t seem interested in fetch but loves solving toys that reward with food. This afternoon while in his crate he was throwing around his toys to grab the kibble that came out. I think that’s the most fun I ever saw a dog have in a crate.

Rock is currently intact but will be getting neutered this week along with getting tested for heartworm.

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