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Please contact Megan for more information on Pickles

June 24

Pickles here, catching you up after my short vaca at a WBCR foster home close to my foster Mom Megan’s (“MM”) home. MM told me she had to attend to some “prior commitments” she’d made before she knew I was coming to live at her house. (Say wha? I am the greatest commitment she could ever have!)

But vacation was great! That home had cats! My temp foster mom said I was calm and totally “appropriate” around them. What I remember is that on the first morning there, they came to my crate just to check me out. I’m an optimistic guy- new things in life do not faze me- but I was thinking bout there being three of them and just one of me when my temp foster mom let me out of the crate. When one of them stood up to rub her head on my chin, I decided to stand really still and wait. Turned out she was being friendly, so I knew this cat thing was going to be fine.

I had fun playing with the dogs who lived there. They’d run to catch balls and frisbees and I’d zig zag in front of them. Running’s great, but I don’t see the point in bringing a ball back. (Both my moms say I’ll learn.) Give me a squeaky toy or deflated ball any day! And if those aren’t available, I make my own fun with sticks and rocks (temp mom laughed when she saw me rolling the! big rocks she had put along the bottom of the garden fencing). In fact, I learned some gardening cuz I stayed right beside her while she was planting flowers and stuff. I really love being close to my people and cuddling every chance I get. My moms say that I’m a big puppy and it’s true… I love learning new things (like how to hold it longer and longer before I go outside to pee) and if my family is happy and encouraging me, it’s total heaven!

Did I mention that I love water? I love it in puddles, I love splashing it out of water bowls (but only outside ones) and I love it in baths (I’m even chill about having a nail trim after). Best of all, I swam in Lake Michigan – awesome beaches – and had meet and greets with other people and dogs! When four high school guys came rolling right past me down the paved trail on their skate boards, I stood still to watch and soak it in. When three teenage girls wanted to pet me, cooing how cute I am, I just sat down and offered my paw. Wowed them! And temp mom was so proud of me when a gigantic backhoe began work right next to our trail. Did I flinch or cower? Nope- I just strolled by! I was so calm the guy sitting way up in the cab, who had paused to watch us, gave a thumbs up. Like I said, I love learning and there’s lots to learn!

Well, I’m going back to MM today and looking forward to that. Car rides are a blast, so going home is all around great! Check out my vaca pics throughout today’s update.


June 12

Pickles has discovered toys, and thinks they’re really great. Not quite playing fetch, but hopefully soon! He had a lot of fun with a floppy frisbee that was at my parents house. (Click Here)

Pickles is really quite good about going to his kennel, and knows to run there from across the house during mealtimes. This keeps him out of trouble trying to snitch from my dogs, who are not willing to share 😉 Pickles also still loves puzzle toys for meal times too! I’ve attached two videos, one of him running into his kennel for breakfast, another of him working on a “puzzle feeder.”

Running to kennel…(Click Here)

It’s 5:00 somewhere….(Click Here)
P.S. He does not destroy cardboard or other things unless he’s specifically given it.

Pickles is pretty much off leash in my yard all the time- he sticks around and has a pretty nice recall at this point. When we are in the yard or garage working(aka. Not paying attention to the dogs 100%), he is on a long line tie out. He’s ok with this, although doesn’t like it if we leave his sight for too long. At our walks at the park, I still have him drag his 6 ft, but he probably doesn’t even need that- I’m just being cautious. He is SO SO good about staying near by- he loves his people. Continues to walk on a loose leash!

Potty training is going very well- I’m getting better at learning his habits, and I think he’s starting to understand. He will wait by the door, so we go outside, and when he potties we have a big party! I’m still just taking him out as a preventative/”set him up for success”, but when he waits by the door I’m trying to associate that with we go outside. He’s seeming to get better about his excited peeing ! in the kennel when I come home from work/first thing in the AM too!

Pickles is also getting better at relaxing in the house! Finding a dog bed or corner and just laying down. I’ve been trying to keep him off my furniture (hard when my dogs are allowed;) but the other day he hopped up on the couch and laid down immediately with a huge sigh. So sweet, I couldn’t say no. Bad foster mom!

span style=”color: #000080;”>Two weeks ago I made him do stairs for the first time-NOT happy, hit the deck afraid. He wouldn’t walk past our basement door for a few days without sneaking up and SPRINTING past, quite afraid. We did some “I’m going to guide you and you get lots of cookies” a bit last week- but today! Look at him go! (Click Here.)

June 3

Today, I met the new foster dog, Anna. She’s pretty cool, but she kind of ignored me. But then my dream came true – I got to visit my litter mate, REX! We had sooooo much fun!

May 21

Pickles is going to make someone very happy. He aims to please, and loves to spend time with people and receive their affection. Pickles was found as a stray, and ended up in a shelter. He was still very social there, but the shelter thought he would be better placed in a rescue and out of the shelter environment. So he came in with his brother, Rex, who is at another foster home. Pickles has been with me for a week, and he’s already come so far!

Pickles is GREAT on leash, rarely pulls. He is right at your side or right behind you. Even when we go visit a large field where he can drag a 30 ft line, he’s right next to me. Rarely goes beyond that 30 ft leash. He recalls quite nicely, although I suspect it’s just because he loves his people, still working on name recognition and cues, like sit and down. He’s doing well with learning those!

He can act very puppy like in his behaviors, with people and dogs. He will approach my dogs dancing at their feet and licking their lips. He gets along well with all the dogs he’s ever met, and if he gets too rambunctious for my older crew, he takes correction well and walks away. He showed some interest in ball for the first time yesterday, tossed it up to himself to play. It was short lived, but seeing that makes me think he’ll enjoy toys eventually. I have toy cray dogs, and he is not a “get in the thick of it” kinda guy, so he just happily follows them around. I suspect with some more one-on-one time with just him and a toy he’ll learn to love fetch. He’s just not willing to compete!

We are working on potty training, treating him like a puppy. He can easily hold it while I’m at work for 8 hours, and keeps his kennel clean. So he certainly can hold it, just trying to increase amount of time that he can hold it while he’s loose at home. We’re setting him up for success with frequent outside visits and only a few accidents (probably my fault!). He does have some “submissive urination” going on, but this has improved SO much in even the last week, that I think this will be a thing of the past soon. He really only displays this when I leash him up first thing in the AM and right when I get home from work – I suspect excitement, me reaching into his kennel to leash him (so we can go straight outside with no pit stops on the way through the house!), and presumably, his bladder is most full at these times. I think if I could not reach in to leash him, this would probably go away completely. But my yard isn’t fenced, and I’d prefer he leaks in the kennel where it’s super easy to clean, rather than at my back door 🙂

He’s also learning nicely to settle in the house and lay down while we’re eating/relaxing. He loves puzzle toys to get his meals – slow feed bowls, food dispensing balls, cardboard boxes, kongs, milk jugs, etc. I have loved watching him figure out how all the new puzzle toys work, and see his brain in action.