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Paige (Adopted!)

You must complete an adoption application with WBCR before we will consider you for one of our Border Collies (under the “adoption” link). One of our volunteers will check your references, and then another will come to your home to meet you & your family in person before the board will vote on your application. If you are approved, we will arrange a time for you to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. If you decide he/she is perfect for you and the board agrees, we will schedule a day for you to pick up your Border Collie, sign adoption paperwork, and pay the $350 minimum adoption donation. This whole process may take a month or more, as all WBCR members are volunteers and we’re committed to making a perfect match for our border collies. Thanks for your patience!


Please contact Julie for more information on Paige7 Month Old Female (Madison, WI)

January 28

I love being outside! I love playing keep away! I love trying to get the frisbee back from the other dogs as you can see from my ankle nipping picture. I’m just a happy gal looking for a happy family to do lots of fun things with inside and out. I’m always ready for action. However, please note that I am quiet in my crate even when the other dogs are being cray cray.

January 15

Paige did great switching back to her first foster home! She continues to scratch at the door when she needs to go outside and hasn’t had a single accident. When we go outside, she goes potty almost immediately. Today, she started to learn how to use the dog door and did awesome for her first time. We took a slightly different approach to greeting the other border collie in the household. This time, we didn’t let the dogs get too excited around each other. If we were going to play fetch or tug, one of the dogs would be put away. After a couple days of hanging out, they’re starting to play with each other more. Even when the excitement level gets higher, she hasn’t nipped at or tried to stop the other dog. This is the approach that we recommend her forever home take if there is another dog. We’ve gone to a training facility and worked on self control and playing with other dogs barking. We’ve also spent a lot of time just hanging out around the house. Her forever home will need to make sure she doesn’t chew up toys. She likes to eat the fluff that’s inside, which is typical for a 7 month old puppy. She can learn what is appropriate and what isn’t, but that will take time and supervision. Having appropriate chew toys around will be very helpful!

Here is 5 Minutes in the Life of Paige! One thing we missed in Paige’s autobiography is proof that she does lay out and relax. She didn’t think that was an important part, so she didn’t include it.

Paige has been in foster care for over a month and is ready for her forever home! Contact Julie to set up a time to meet her once you’ve been approved. She’s so excited to meet you!

January 12

Paige moved back to her regular foster home today. She was fun to have around with her independent, confident self. If I had asked her what were the highlights of her last few weeks, I think she would have answered the following:
1. Being chased by the other dogs whenever she got the ball.
2. Full body rubs from the human.
3. Trying to get peanut butter out of toys.
4. Being told how beautiful she is by any neighbor who walked by.

January 6

Paige is off leash restrictions from her spay surgery for the first time tonight. She is so happy! She bounded all around the yard with the ball in her mouth. She had the other dogs chasing her and she laughed as they couldn’t get it from her.

Half the time she wants to play keep-away from the other dogs with whatever toy is popular. The rest of the time she is content entertaining herself with her own toy. Her new technique to get what she wants is she backs her back-end into a dog or stands over them. This distracts them enough that she can grab the toy without any arguments. It seems to work every time. (See picture as she stands over two dogs with toys.)

Paige is being pretty consistent with scratching on the door to let me know when it’s time to go outside for potty time. She is still a puppy in so many ways with her go-go attitude and energy.

January 1

I’m Paige. You know, the cute one with the big, beautiful ears. Here is why you will love me:

I still have my puppy skin. It’s floppy and soft and lots of it. I love when humans give me body rubs and face rubs to feel all my softness. I will stop whatever I am doing to get pets.

I saw snow for the first time last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so cute! I was the best snowflake catcher out of all the dogs. I snapped up as many as I could as they fell from the sky. The human was laughing too hard and it was too dark to get good pictures or videos.

When the human is petting another dog, it doesn’t matter how close they are because I can squeeze myself in between them to get pets too.

I win the prize for first dog to pee and often go #2 outside before any other dogs. I’m learning that’s the best place to do my business. Outside. At least that’s what the human keeps reminding me to do. I went three days in a row without any accidents.

On our morning walk I saw people shoveling. I used a lot of caution as I walked past because I don’t think I have ever seen those tools before.

I ate part of a stuffed animal last night so I had to use the outside bathroom a few times today. I jumped on the door to alert the human to let me out right away I am glad I communicate so well in her language.

Sometimes when I’m excited or when I’m snapping at snowflakes, I jump on my hind feet. I’m told it’s super cute and unique but that I should wait to do that until I’m totally healed from my spay surgery. I also have been jumping up on the human very gently but she says I should never do that, even once I’m healed.

I know sit, down, shake, and high five. I come running when you say my name. On walks I look up at the human when she says my name too.

So that’s why I am fun to be around and why you will want to include me in your family forever and ever. Besides my great looks, I’m spunky, sweet, and fun.


December 30

Paige spent the holidays at a different foster home and fit right with three other dogs. She quickly learned within the first few days what the other dogs liked and didn’t like. Dog #1 took her down when she kept getting into his face while playing ball. She backed down immediately after that. Dog #2 got rough with her a day later. She gave a few yelps but there wasn’t any damage done when he yanked her ear. After a few minutes a part they were back to being best friends. Dog #3 gave a bunch of growls all week when she got too fresh but that was it. I appreciated that the dogs corrected her and Paige responded.

Paige does great going into her crate for meal time, bed time, or when I have to go. The first night I put a blanket in her crate but found she chewed it a bit by morning so she went without any bedding. For six months old, I expected that she would chew on more things in the house but she only chewed on toys and the sheet. She was fantastic!


She had a couple accidents in the house over the ten days but she always did great going #1 and #2 regularly as soon as we got outside.

Paige had her spay surgery on Christmas Eve. She has been on leash restriction since then. I’m not sure if she ever felt any pain. She didn’t need a cone because she left her incision alone.

She tries to get the other dogs to play but no one took the bait. She often entertained herself with finding a bone to chew on. She is bold when she takes a ball away from another dog. Sometimes she was allowed to and other times they told her it wasn’t nice and she usually listened. Paige does like to get attention when another dog is getting a belly rub or pets. She often pushes her way in between me and other dog to get her own petting.

She responds nicely to her name and knows “sit” and “wait.” I really enjoyed having her around.

December 20

SO MUCH has happened during Paige’s first week in foster care! Where do we begin? Paige continues to be a cute, energetic 6 month old. We know Paige is mostly border collie, so we have been trying to figure out what else may be in there. Her giant and adorable ears say that there’s definitely something that’s not BC. She likes to play by pushing her body against other dogs and does nip at times, which leads me to think there’s cattle dog or aussie somewhere in there. Either way, she’s such a fun girl!


For the most part, she’s gotten along with her foster sister pretty well. Here’s a video of them playing (https://youtu.be/1w9hJLN_xNE). At times, she can get over-aroused or frustrated. This can result in her nipping or making the other dogs stop what they’re doing. We’re working on learning the cues as to when this is going to happen and helping her learn to work through it. She would love another dog to play with, but also has fun running around the house by herself with a toy.

Like most 6 month old puppies, we have some things that we’re working on right now. She’s actually very good about not having accidents for a 6 month old, but she’s not perfect. Her biggest problem appears to be that she’s very distracted when we go outside. Her foster home is out in the country, so there aren’t many cars or people, but there’s a lot of open land and critters around. While exploring in the fields, she likes to eat deer and rabbit droppings, but thankfully doesn’t seem interested in dog poop. She’s been caught digging a couple times, but stops immediately with a quick “uh-uh”. It doesn’t take much to tell her what she’s doing is wrong, and she stops that behavior right away. She bounces back from corrections quickly as well.

We’ve played a lot of crate games and she’s doing wonderfully! Within a couple days she would sit as soon as you grabbed the handle to her crate and wouldn’t get up when the door was opened. Now, the door can be open for a while and I can walk around and she stays in her sit in her crate. She likes to jump on people to greet them, but if the person ignores her, she goes into a sit pretty quickly and will stay in a sit while they pet her. She’s slept through the night every night and hasn’t once woken us up, even when we sleep in. She came along to flyball practice on Sunday and got to meet a lot of people. If you don’t know flyball, it’s very loud with dogs barking and people calling their dogs. There is a lot of excitement in that room. I took Paige to a different ring such that she couldn’t see the dogs running, but she could hear all the excitement and was definitely interested. We played tug and worked on retrieving. She did awesome!! I was so impressed that I could have her off leash, and she stayed engaged with me. Every once in a while, she would look over towards the other ring, but then would bring her toy back to me to keep playing. She loves to fetch and play tug. She brings the toy back every time.

Paige is staying with a different foster home over the holidays and will be spayed. Being on exercise restriction is not what Paige was hoping for for the holidays, but we’re sure she’ll do great and will be back to her happy, bouncy self in no time!

December 13

Paige is here! She’s 6 months old and 3/4 border collie. Paige came into foster care last night. She loves people! She greeted both her foster mom and dad with a lot of enthusiasm. She does already have some basic manners, but her 6 month old brain sometimes forgets. She’ll sit for attention and knows how to shake. She has a 2.5 year old border collie as a foster sister, Zeal, and loves to play with her, though she can get a little over the top. When Zeal was running around the yard this afternoon with Paige on leash, Paige lay down, put her head flat on the ground, and then started a slow, crouched crawl. She definitely has the border collie creep! We played some crate games last night, and she rocked them! She wasn’t a big fan of going into the crate on her own, but stayed in her crate when the door was opened almost every single time. She’s such a smart girl! She’s going to have so much fun learning more tricks and manners over the next couple weeks, and we’re going to have fun getting to know her better!