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Mollie – Adopted!

You must complete an adoption application with WBCR before we will consider you for one of our Border Collies (under the “adoption” link). Then go to our PayPal link to pay the $15.00 application fee. One of our volunteers will check your references, and then another will come to your home to meet you & your family in person before the board will vote on your application. If you are approved, we will arrange a time for you to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. If you decide he/she is perfect for you and the board agrees, we will schedule a day for you to pick up your Border Collie, sign adoption paperwork, and pay the $350 minimum adoption donation. This whole process may take a month or more, as all WBCR members are volunteers and we’re committed to making a perfect match for our border collies. Thanks for your patience!


Please contact Andrea for more information on Mollie3 or 4 Year Old Female (New Berlin, WI) – Adopted!

March 31

We dog sat for another Border Collie this weekend and Mollie was totally fine with her for the entire 24 hours. It may be a Border Collie thing or it may be that she is more comfortable to meet other dogs from the safety of her crate. The other picture is of her playing with a toy in a dog crate with the door is wide open. She really loves the comfort of being enclosed. Tuesday she gets her spay stitches out and can run free without restrictions.

March 28

Here are some facts about Mollie that I have learned over the last week:

Spay Surgery Update: She hasn’t had to wear her dreaded cone for the last few days because her spay surgery incision is healing nicely and she is leaving it alone.

Other Dogs: We dog sat for a big, gentle, old Doberman. Mollie did not like this; she barked at him from her crate anytime he walked by. I didn’t trust her out of the crate so we just did rotations to keep her separated from him. When we walk past other dogs in the neighborhood she barks and pulls to get to them but not in a happy way. She lived with four little dogs in her original home so we assume she can live with other dogs; maybe she needs time to adjust to other dogs. She tolerates my dog but definitely seems to prefer to live in a one-dog house. She herds him through the house and snaps at him to make him move. I redirect her when she does this. She quickly comes to me for pets when I do.

Nervous Licking: When my guinea pigs squeak or when I am moving around the house, Mollie seems to be nervous and sometimes licks the floor obsessively. Once again, I redirect this behavior by giving her a chew toy, calling her over for pets, or letting her relax in her crate. At first, I thought this may be boredom but when I am sitting to read or eat, she relaxes too and lies down. The action isn’t damaging to my floors, but that stress isn’t good for her.

Cuddles: When I let Mollie out of her crate, she comes running to me for snuggles and pets in a sweet, gentle manner.

Sleeping: She puts herself to bed in her crate each night. I haven’t been closing the crate door when I go to bed but she stays there all night. She doesn’t come out until I come to the living room to say good morning.

Streaming Water: I washed her muddy feet the other day using the shower head. She thought chomping on the water was the greatest game ever. Her new family would need to use caution with the hose or tub so she wouldn’t become water logged. I don’t think she would be able to control her excitement and drive for biting the stream of water.

Going #2: It is rare that Mollie will go #2 while on a short leash. After long walks she goes to the back door to be let out. She goes #2 in one of her two favorite spots.

Melts your Heart: This dog is cute when she trots around the yard, cute when she brings you a toy inviting you to play tug, cute when she cuddles, and cute when she goes to her safe place in comfy crate.

Forever Family Needs: She needs a family who will work with her to become less reactive to other dogs, give her a crate to call her own that is always accessible, and redirect her when she does her obsessive licking.

March 20

Mollie had her spay surgery yesterday and did very well. She wants to lick her incision so she is wearing an e-collar aka cone and this makes her very sad. This video shows her playful side BEFORE surgery; we will be taking it easy for the next two weeks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJURH6ZiWAM

Mollie continues to be quite easy to live with and here is why:
She gets happy to go for walks and waits patiently while I put her harness on.
She doesn’t pull. When she finds a good sniff, she wants to stay and sniff but then when I want to go again, she obliges.
She still has not had an accident in the house; she whines at the door when she has to go out.
She doesn’t beg while I’m cooking or eating.
She loves her crate. That’s definitely her favorite place to rest.
We met a little dog on our walk who was happy to see her. They sniffed and I thought things were going to stay positive but Mollie wasn’t interested in being friends. She didn’t hurt the little dog but kind of pounced on her, just enough for the other dog to step back, shake it off, and move on.

Besides loving her crate for resting, she eats her meals inside of it as well. When I am preparing my meals or the dogs’ meals, I put Mollie in her crate. If I don’t, she herds my dog away from the food and out of the room.

I took her running on a path with my dog. She didn’t pull and seemed to absolutely love the fresh air and adventure. We passed some other dogs; Two that were smaller and she just watched them go by, then three that were bigger and she barked as they went by. I will definitely take her running with me again after she has healed from surgery.

March 13

Mollie is a sweet female who is 3-4 years old. She was recently removed from a home for uncleanly conditions along with four non-Border Collies. She is a bit curious about her new life and adapting well. She arrived in her foster home yesterday after a day at the vet getting checked out and updated with vaccines. We celebrated to learn she is Heartworm negative!

The first night here she didn’t like my dog so she showed him some teeth. She was happy to just rest in her crate because her last 72 hours had been pretty chaotic. By this morning she was comfortable being in the backyard with my dog. By this evening she was happy to go for a walk with him and hang out in the house together for a bit. Now she is resting in her crate again. We tell all our adopters that this relaxing, quiet time in a crate is so important for any new dog when transitioning to a new home.

Mollie wants to be pet and comes up to me for body and belly scratches. She currently has an ear infection and ear mites so she is getting ear drops which she absolutely hates. She squirms and sometimes cries but when I’m done she just wants to cuddle with me even though I am the one putting the drops in. Otherwise, her test results show her to be a healthy dog. Mollie will be spayed within the next two weeks.

She has been happy to explore the house (stairs aren’t a problem for her), check out the noise of the guinea pigs, and run into her crate at meal time. She loves to be outside in the backyard to sniff and look around. She is fully potty trained and hasn’t had an accident at the vet or here; I’m impressed.

I’m excited to watch her grow and learn her personality. She’s a lovely pooch!