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Please contact Andrea for more information on Lily2 Year Old Female (Madison, WI)

May 24

Lily spent two weeks at another foster home while I was on vacation. She returned a much better behaved dog. It’s awesome to have her back.

She still leaps and jumps like a kid getting ready for a ballet recital but not as often. She always had to sit before being released from her crate but now she can sit still for a whole second. When I am preparing her dinner she sits quietly and patiently next to me. She sits before entering or leaving through a door. She still loves to snuggle and get as close to you as possible.

My dog finds her less annoying and possibly even enjoys having her around which wasn’t the case her first two weeks at my house. He still needs to correct her once or twice a day because she gets right into his face when playing but she responds and backs off now.

One of her favorite activities is rummaging through the toy box for the toy of her choice. She likes to dump the whole thing out and pick the perfect one for the next few minutes to chew on or play with.

Tomorrow is Lily’s first injection for her heartworm treatment. She just finished the antibiotics that she gets prior to the first injection. She took the pills like a champ with some peanut butter every time.

One of her negative behaviors that we are working on is when she is extra excited and wants to get your attention she jumps and tries to nip you. She never breaks the skin at all, but I have felt her teeth on my clothes or arm a few times which is very inappropriate. We are working on alternative ways to get the human’s attention and to not get to that level of excitement when wanting attention.

She can forget to go to the bathroom outside if she is too distracted by things in the neighborhood while in walks. It definitely helps to have a fenced in backyard where she can go with minimal distractions and without a leash. I live in a quiet neighborhood so this has not been an issue but at the temporary foster home they live in a busy neighborhood so she was having accidents inside from time to time.

She seems to like having the companionship of another dog. Lily follows him outside and lays next to him when chewing bones. She also seems to bark less in a crate when the other dog is crated within her view. She doesn’t seem as jealous when I am giving attention to my dog so maybe she would do fine in a house with another dog.


May 8

I still think Lily will probably prefer to be in an only dog home. She likes to herd and pick on my dog which seems to be more of a status thing since she doesn’t herd my other foster much at all (I think).

Lily continues to be a jumper, but she is learning (a little) to not jump ON the human. Now she jumps NEXT to the human. It’s amazing how high she can jump. She must have giant springs. It’s actually comical the way she bounces around the house when I am walking. Luckily she doesn’t bounce when we are on our walks.

This silly girl acts like a puppy most of the time with her non-stop energy and chewing. 95% of the time she chews on toys appropriately. I have learned to put my shoes away because she loves to fling them around as she runs through the house and those laces are too tempting to chew on. So for her safety and my shoes’ safety, they go in a closet.

When Lily is the only dog, she is so happy and loving. She sits nicely and waits for a full pet with body hug. This girl of action is ready for a home that is puppy proofed with a strong leader who can stay consistent and calm.

April 24

This morning Lily went to the vet to confirm that she has heartworm and to see how far it has progressed. She started her antibiotics and started the journey to becoming a healthy dog. In other news, EVERYONE loved her and she loved EVERYONE. This dog loves to cuddle and get hugs and pets. She just flops over or sits on top of you to get the best affection. Lily was a rockstar for blood work, microchip insertion, AND x-rays! One of the busiest bodies I know and she held still for three x-rays.

Here are two videos of Lily entertaining herself:
Lily with her treat ball once all the treats are gone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ7-0SGczWc\
Lily with a ball: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Occq6up2ty8
This isn’t how she is all the time, but I find her very entertaining!

April 22

It’s my sixth full day in foster care and I’m learning the rules little by little. I know the human got really excited yesterday when I spent some time checking out the neighborhood and chewing on a bone (see pictures). She said something like, “OMG, you can be calm outside of your crate!” I just want to give everyone all my attention and love, is that so bad?

I like to play ball by myself and with the other dog. I just throw it to myself and run after it. Sometimes I slip or run into things but I’m used to being a little klutzy; it’s what makes me seem like such a puppy. Did anyone tell you about my super soft fur? It’s amazing. I would be super happy in any home but I may like being the only dog so I can get full pets and attention from the human. A few times she has put the other dogs away so it’s just us. This is when I’m calmer for face rubs and when I entertain myself the most with the ball. I like other dogs though. I don’t get mad at anyone; I just like to tell them what the rules are. If they disagree, I say “okay fine, but do you want to keep playing.”

I met some neighbors and they think I’m so sweet even when I jumped on them. My foster human told me “off” and enforced the rule of no jumping. I know how to sit and wait for my crate to be opened. I know how to sit and wait to go for walks. I know how to be quiet in my crate when it’s time for bed.

I came from Texas not liking crates but now I understand why they are good for me. Every time I go in, there are great treats and food. The last couple days I have gone in and haven’t tried to run out. I also would like to report that I stopped stepping in the water dish. She had it in a place that I would knock over so then there would be water everywhere. I don’t understand what’s wrong with that but she moved it to the corner of the room so it doesn’t get in my way.

You should also know that my recall is AWESOME! When we are outside playing, I am the first one to run into the house when called and I’m the first one to come over to get my harness on for a walk. I’m cool that way.

April 18

On Monday, Lily flew from a Texas to Wisconsin to start her new life. She was a stray that had been in a shelter when a coordinator with Pilots and Paws saw her and connected Lily to our rescue. The pilots volunteered their time and planes to get her north. She is a two year old, mix who is heartworm positive.

When I picked her up from the airport after her long day of travel, the pilot said she did great. She sat on the seat next to him for the hour-long flight (last of five flights) and looked around. Once she got to her temporary foster home, she seemed a bit stressed but did a great job meeting my two dogs. It was late and time for bed. Since she isn’t fond of crates, I thought it would be a loud night but we all got a full night’s quiet sleep.

Lily is finding her place. In the last three days she has evolved as she has become more calm. She loves human pets. She gets jealous when I pet the other dogs so that’s something we are working on. She jumps out of happiness and when stressed. The squirt bottle has been a great teacher. She has really limited her jumping and you can see her thinking about it. There have been a few arguments between her and the resident dog. She pecks at him and gets in his face when trying to herd him. He tolerates it most of the time but snaps at her from time to time and she backs off. Yesterday there was a decent fight, no damage but she has definitely realized he can mean business.

She now knows what a mirror is. The first time the door closed to expose the full length mirror she walked into the door, couldn’t figure out what stopped her, tried again, and figured it out. Pretty cute.

Leash walking is improving every day. She doesn’t pull; she just moves around a lot but that could be excitement and the varying speeds of three dogs on leashes.

I brought the dog toy box out last night and Lily was excited to rummage through it. Balls seem to be her favorite. She tried to get the others to chase her and it worked a little. With Lily’s heartworm positive so condition, she will have reduced activity while undergoing treatment over the next few months. She is a high energy dog that is looking for a human who has the patience and determination for training a jumpy, bossy gal.