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Indy – Adopted!

You must complete an adoption application with WBCR before we will consider you for one of our Border Collies (under the “adoption” link). One of our volunteers will check your references, and then another will come to your home to meet you & your family in person before the board will vote on your application. If you are approved, we will arrange a time for you to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. If you decide he/she is perfect for you and the board agrees, we will schedule a day for you to pick up your Border Collie, sign adoption paperwork, and pay the $350 minimum adoption donation. This whole process may take a month or more, as all WBCR members are volunteers and we’re committed to making a perfect match for our border collies. Thanks for your patience!


Please contact Lynn for more information on Indy4 Year Old Male (New Berlin, WI) – Adopted!

May 8

Indy continues to be absolutely delightful! Currently the other two dogs in my house aren’t getting along but Indy gets along with both of them, so he gets double the walks and double the fun because he can hang out with either dog and not make trouble.

One of his new favorite games is to get one of the dogs to chase him. He sprints, turns, whips around, all with a huge smile on his face. I swear I can hear him saying, “You. Can’t. Get me!” in that sing songy voice of a grade school kid.

Indy doesn’t like when other dogs bark. It makes him nervous so he will start barking or jump up on me to make it stop. For the most part, that is the one rare occasion he jumps up as if to say, “I’m nervous, help me.” Thunderstorms make him a little nervous, but not too bad. He comes with his own thundercoat with his name embroidered on it. I didn’t use it the other day for our first storm of the season because he seemed to be handling the sounds okay.

This cutie just wants to play and be loved. By “play” I mean, he wants a job that he can do all day, every day. He absolutely thrives with having other dogs around. He is happy in the backyard by himself waiting for someone to come out and play. He just sits and waits patiently.

He still isn’t big into cuddling but he loves regular full body rubdowns so that he can rollover on his side or at least part way on his side. Indy has the biggest heart and is ready to share his happiness.

April 22

Hello World! I love every day; I’m just that kind of guy. My favorite hobbies are holding my toys, watching other dogs, and going for walks. I have a sensitive stomach so keep me away from people food. I have great recall. I love to come over to the human to see what’s happening. The only time I don’t is when I’m scared of the human because I have to be cautious with strangers. The other time is when I’m in the backyard and just want to hang out. In that situation, just put a leash on me and I will follow you in. See?! I’m fun.

We now have a TV in this house. If I’m busy playing or chewing on a good bone, I don’t care. If I don’t have a distraction, then I don’t like having the TV on. She has been able to distract me most of the time but sometimes she just turns it off if I just can’t handle it.

The other big update is that we have a third dog in the house. At first I was cautious because this dog is more hyper than most. I just move aside when she jumps on me or over me. She pushes me around but I am like “whatever, wanna play?” A few times when we have played, she skips around the living room with a toy and I become her cheerleader. We both like that game. Our crates are side by side and I think she likes knowing that I’m by her. I like to be liked. I don’t like it when she barks or gets yelled at. That’s loud. I just take a step back and wait for things to calm down.

The human is trying to teach me how to nap outside of my crate when she is in the room. I can rest when she is resting and I’m still awesome in my crate. She said it’s good for me to learn to turn my brain off even while there is the possibility to play. That sounds really hard but she is trying.

I like it here but would love to find my forever home. I am super sweet and everyone loves me. I give ridiculously fast, slobbery kisses if you let me. I walk great on leash. TV is overrated.
Indiana “Indy” Jones

April 3

Indy is still a dog filled with joy. He is such a happy dog. Happy to go on walks, to play, to go outside, to go inside, to wake up, to get fed, to welcome you home…he just wags his tail and has a smile on his face.

If you have read Indy’s other blog entries below, you’ll see that he has been known to bark and get stressed when a TV is on. We are trying to provide different environments to see when he reacts to a television and when he does not. We went over to another member’s house. He did not have interest in their large, flat screen TV. We had the sound on, we removed all the other dogs, we ignored him, and he continued to chew on different toys without caring about the action on the TV. We also brought all the other dogs back in the room to see if the added commotion combined with the TV would get him to react, but he was just happy to play with more dogs. It seems if he is distracted with another dog or toys that he will do okay with a television on. He has never reacted to a laptop whether it’s faced him or faced away.

He continues to look for a home who is ready to love him, show him happiness, and play ball. In his ideal world it seems he would like a dog brother or sister with whom he can watch and hop around. See video: https://youtu.be/9E4X2C7qwxw

March 26

Indy was briefly adopted for a three days but had to be returned after one of the family members developed severe allergies to him that weren’t treatable with over the counter medicine. We learned a lot of good information about his ideal forever home through the temporary adoption.

Indy is still reactive to a television. He has been exposed to two TVs but only while visiting other houses so he may only react when he feels comfortable in his surroundings. His reaction was identical to his reaction he was having at his original home which is barking nonstop at it until it is turned off. He could handle the TV being on when it was the still-screen of a fire in a fireplace but more than that and he barked. He is looking for a home without a television. Laptops are fine.

Currently he loves to herd his foster dog-brother when we play ball or frisbee. It is appropriate behavior in this household because my dog really likes having the attention of another dog playing yet keeping his distance and not trying to get the ball away. It seems Indy would like a fellow dog friend to play and live with. His desire to play and herd is strong. When my dog is done playing, Indy decides he is done playing too. That is a great off-switch.

Recently Indy has started to play a little fetch without my dog. The last two nights my dog was busy with a bone so Indy brought a ball to me to see if I was interested. He rested it on my lap and waited for me to toss it to him. We are only doing this indoors so far. When the temporary adoptive family had him, they tried to play fetch outside but Indy didn’t have interest in bringing the ball back. The concept of fetch must have been taught though because he is interested in playing since he returned. Here is video of Indy playing ball: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnvo25VLe3Y

He remains to be a happy dog in all that he does.

March 3

Indy has had another great week with us. He was tested on sheep and did beautifully. Check him out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhdCGRzEl8E He dreamed loudly the first night after the special field trip. He did well with the other dogs, other people, and the car ride to and from the ranch.

Other things that I love about this dog are as follows:
-Even though he is so excited to be released from his crate when I get home, he makes himself sit even with a butt that is so wiggly because of his happy tail.
-He never attempts to get up on the furniture. My dog is allowed but Indy doesn’t ask to be invited; he just sits very near us.
-When he has a toy in front of him, he guards it and clenches onto it with his paws. He allows me to take it away which is wonderful. He does the same thing with my dog. He tries to keep the toy but if my dog comes in to take it, he allows and jumps right into play mode.
-He has an off switch. I don’t give him super squeaky toys any more because those seem to get him too excited.
-A week ago, I was struggling with putting his harness on for walks. I had to really try to maneuver or force it over his head. Now he let’s me put it on without the struggle.
-The last few days brought some small branches to fall in the neighborhood. Indy loves to pick them up and carry them.
-I really appreciate that if my dog is resting and done playing, then Indy rests as well. He is still alert but he is quiet and lays down near him.

Indy’s forever family will need to provide him with plenty of exercise and stimulation without it getting out of hand. Intense play is good from time to time, but he definitely can hit a point where he is too excited or too focused and we stop playing and take time to settle down.

February 25

Indy has been with us for a week and is doing fantastic. He is really a fun, well-behaved dog. However “well-behaved” is relative because it relies on the opinion of the dog he is herding. Indy’s herding behavior is appropriate as long as the other dog doesn’t mind which is the reason he shouldn’t be around young kids. He wants to herd my dog all the time while we are indoors and my dog approves. Indy keeps his distance and doesn’t interfere with ball play which will be a great fit for certain dogs.

Here is a list of adventures we had during Indy’s first week in his new foster home:
We met two neighbors and their little dog. He was a little nervous but gave everyone kisses within 30 seconds of meeting them.
We went to the vet for a microchip and he did very well with the exam. Peanut butter coated pretzel rods made him a friend to everyone. He slept in the car there and back.
Indy toured the pet store and picked out a new ball. He was interested in all the smells and apprehensive of a woman who wanted to pet him. He let her pet him but turned his back to her and licked his lips to show his nervousness so we kept moving down the aisle.
I went for a two mile jog. The first block he was excited and thought about herding me but then quickly settled into a nice pace without pulling.
His jumping on me and other people has really decreased. It may be something he does when he is excited so now that he knows the routine, it doesn’t happen as often. When it does, I just turn away and he doesn’t do it again.
In the beginning of the week he tolerated being brushed but now he rolls over and lets me brush his tail, sides, and backside.
We received Indy’s full vet records from the time he was a puppy. The file even contains a puppy picture of him. He was well cared for and is in great health.

February 18

Meet Indiana Jones aka Indy. He is a four year old who arrived yesterday from Illinois. He is doing very well in his new foster home and wants to play, play, play. Although food and petting can get his attention from playing with every toy in the toy box. So far tennis balls seem to be his favorite. He walks nicely on leash and rides well in the car.

Indy came from a loving family where he was the only dog. He has some anxiety with televisions which started when the Cubs won the World Series. A very exciting time, but a little too exciting for Indy with the family cheering loudly. They also had three sons, and the youngest was a toddler that Indy was trying to herd. The family realized that a new home with less commotion, but more time for exercise, was in the best interest of Indy. So it was with heavy hearts that they relinquished him.

Currently he is sleeping at my feet with a tennis ball next to him. He does like to jump up on people to show his happiness or to get their attention so we are working on that already. Last night the TV was on a slow moving still shot with music and it didn’t bother him. He was too busy chewing on a Nylabone. We will continue to try minimal exposure to the TV while he adjusts to his new life.

The first 24 hours seems like he is a very happy, healthy dog who is looking for a fun, ball-loving, calm home.