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Dylan (Adopted!)

You must complete an adoption application with WBCR before we will consider you for one of our Border Collies (under the “adoption” link). One of our volunteers will check your references, and then another will come to your home to meet you & your family in person before the board will vote on your application. If you are approved, we will arrange a time for you to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. If you decide he/she is perfect for you and the board agrees, we will schedule a day for you to pick up your Border Collie, sign adoption paperwork, and pay the $350 minimum adoption donation. This whole process may take a month or more, as all WBCR members are volunteers and we’re committed to making a perfect match for our border collies. Thanks for your patience!


Please contact Jess for more information on Dylan4 Month Old Male (Madison, WI)

July 2

Dylan had his 3rd and final booster shot last Friday and got micro-chipped. The vet and the staff absolutely loved him. He had his first heart worm pill yesterday and last night his stool had a really long worm in it. So, back to the vet today with a stool sample & get him some de-wormer. He is getting really good at sitting and waiting to be released from his kennel & at the doors to get outside. He has been so fun to have around!

June 20

Dylan came into Rescue over the weekend and is doing well. He comes from a farm in Michigan and a smooth-coated 14 week old Border Collie. He was relinquished by no fault of his own. His owner didn’t realize how much energy Border Collies have & how much time is needed to keep them stimulated & cared for. His owner did a fabulous job training him to sit, go potty outside, go in his kennel (home), & come when called. He rode in the car without making a peep & is settling into his foster home. He met the resident dogs and got along with them very well. He is now napping in his kennel and is settling in.

Dylan is settling right into his foster home. He is a very high energy dog and will need a home that offers a lot of mental & physical exercise. He is learning to sit and wait until being released from him kennel. This cute boy kennels up (goes to his crate) as long as there are treats involved. He is really good at sitting & is learning down and stay. He’s really smart and is extremely treat & toy motivated.

This pup plays with our young husky/lab mix a ton! Dylan will wrestle and chase her. He plays really nicely at first, and then he starts getting nippy when he gets over stimulated. Dylan then gets a break from her for a while, settles down, and then plays nicely again. Dylan is very respectful of our 7 year old border collie, who is not into playing. He will try to steal the frisbee from the older dog, and they do a back-and-forth exchange with it, but Dylan doesn’t try to roll around with him. He takes his “I’m not into that type of play” ques quite nicely. Good boy! Dylan does quite a bit of barking with this type of play since he isn’t getting the wrestling that he wants. This little cutie would love a home with a younger dog to romp around with & may drive older/less playful dogs nuts.

Dylan does whine a bit when taking some down time in his crate, but is getting used to our schedules & routines. He likes to nip our hands, and we are working on re-directing this to appropriate toys & chew bones. He has not had any potty accidents at all and seems to be 100% potty trained. We take him out as soon as we wake up in the morning. He will bark in his crate if he needs to go, and he will go to our back sliding glass door when playing around the house.

Dylan is adorable and a joy to live with if you are very active! I would compare him to a toddler as he is constantly on the move and needs to be watched like a hawk. He likes walks, but is getting to be very confident and likes to pull. He loves to play with toys & mostly loves playing with our younger dog. He will make an interactive and energetic family very happy!