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Charlie – Adopted!

You must complete an adoption application with WBCR before we will consider you for one of our Border Collies (under the “adoption” link). One of our volunteers will check your references, and then another will come to your home to meet you & your family in person before the board will vote on your application. If you are approved, we will arrange a time for you to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. If you decide he/she is perfect for you and the board agrees, we will schedule a day for you to pick up your Border Collie, sign adoption paperwork, and pay the $250 minimum adoption donation. This whole process may take a month or more, as all WBCR members are volunteers and we’re committed to making a perfect match for our border collies. Thanks for your patience!

Please contact Lori for more information on Charlie (Adopted!)

Click HERE for Video #1 and HERE for Video #2 to see videos of Charlie playing in the water!

20161125_104450 20161125_103914

January 14

Charlie has finally made some serious strides. His sit is awesome, and his lie down is pretty solid too. Best of all, he is finally making some head-way on his recall. He is so obsessed with the goats that often, even with a very long line on, he was VERY hard to catch and was super frustrating. Now, I finally have him convinced that coming, checking in with me, giving me some eye contact, etc. all mean he will be rewarded with yummy treats. He doesn’t seem as brilliant as a normal Border Collie, but he does catch on with some training. He will offer behaviors if he knows I have food.

Charlie is just awesome with the kids. When I look for him in the house, he is often sitting with them. He is super quiet in the house, and his leg lifting is much better. He will need someone who realizes he will not be an off-leash dog any time soon (maybe never), and he will need a belly band in the beginning I suspect. He is just fine with other dogs unless they are barking barking, and then he will be fun police and bark and growl at them. Never a mark or fight, but it does seem/sound intense at times. He may not do well at dog parks until this is under control. He’s a sweet boy and will be a great dog for someone who is willing to do the necessary consistent training with him.

December 1

Dear Santa,

I only have one thing on my list this year, well make that two. 1) A family to call my own  2) stuffed kongs or bones to enjoy… oops 3 things! and hikes! I like running around and enjoy the smells of woods and fields… So a family who likes to be outside with me and give me fun treats/chew objects when we’re inside, so yes, just one thing…. a family of my own…

I don’t ask for much, but love. Some dogs want a lot, they want to run all day, learn crazy games, have lots of doggy siblings, special beds, etc Not me- just love. You see I have been looking for my family and WBCR is helping me, but maybe you, Mrs. Claus, and the elves could help find the best family ever. The reindeer too, but since I’m tempted to chase goats I’m not sure if the reindeer would want to help me…

I’m about 3 yr old, neutered boy dog with a cute face and nice bright eyes. Oh! and a goofy tail, makes me all the more enduring and special! I was a stray in KY before WBCR brought me to WI to help me find a family so we don’t know much about my past or how I got a goofy tail, but if my waggy short tail doesn’t make you smile, look into my sweet brown eyes. I live with other dogs, cats, and kids. I don’t care much about the cats, the kids are good, and the other dogs are fine. I don’t care if I live with other dogs or not. I’ll run with other dogs in the yard, but I think I’d love being an only dog too. As an only dog I’d get all the attention and walks, that sounds nice. Plus I’d get all the treats and petting.

20161126_195342 20161126_195143

It takes me a bit to bond with people and learn to work with my family, so a patient family who’ll take me to a class so we can learn to work together would be great. Dogs running around or exciting environments get me excited so a class setting will take a bit for me to settle in, but I think it’d do me some good to learn to work with my person through that and to focus on them and not look for the next exciting thing to happen. I know I can do, but would like the help of my person to do it with me. I do well with consistency and clear rules so a family who lets me know when I’m good, and keeps fair, consistent rules would really help me learn and I think we’d do well together.

I’m good in a crate when home alone or people are home. I ride in a crate in the car nice and quiet. If someone comes to the door I might bark, just like if someone passes the house and I’m outside, but I don’t carry on long and am improving. I’m good with being touched all over and having my paws wiped off.

Right now I don’t always remember what come, sit, down, or stay mean, but I’m trying. If things are kept distraction free while I work on learning to do these with my person I’m positive I’ll try my hardest to make them happy. I haven’t really had the chance to learn to work with someone. I’m sure I’ll like it. If my person wants to do tricks or training more than the basics I’ll try to do it for them, but I don’t need this kind of home since I’m a bit more of a chill guy who likes the outdoors and then relaxing at home.

I’ve gone on hikes on a long line. These are fun! I love all the smells in the woods and sniffing in grass or leaves. I also like shallow water; I’ll stand on the creek/river edge and dig in the water at rocks. It makes the people smile and laugh so then I really get into it making odd sounds and growling. If my new family doesn’t like walks in the woods it’ll be okay, but I’m hoping they do since this was fun. I also hope that my new family and I can learn to work together so I learn to listen and what ‘come’ means so sometime I can run on the trails off leash, like my other doggy friends do. I know it’ll take work and time, but if my person is committed to working with me I think we’ll be able to do this together.


At home, in the house, I’m good at just chilling out. I do enjoy a stuffed kong or getting a meal in an interactive toy that I play with and my kibble falls out. I’ve been working really hard at remembering that my toilet is outside! I’ve made great strides in this ‘house training’ business. I still mark in new places, but I’m trying to remember all new indoor places are the same and all outside places are always the toilet. Inside, minus the occasional letting everyone know it’s my house, I’m really good. I don’t chew stuff that isn’t mine, I don’t run circles or jump on people or furniture. I do hold still for petting and for special people even relax into belly rubs.

So Santa, that’s a bit about me. I really hope you can help find a family and spread the word about me. I’m not as flashy as some dogs, but I have a good heart. I can keep up with an active day, but also spend a rainy day cozy inside. If you find anyone who think would be patient to work on bonding with me and spending time with me please send them to WBCR to talk to my foster home and go through the adoption process.
Thanks so much! I know we both like cookies so I hope you get your share of yummy cookies.


IMG_3927 IMG_3928

November 20

Charlie got to go to a friend’s house for a play date today. He did a nice job of bein with the other four dogs. When playing ball, he would always let the other dogs have the ball. If the ball was lobbed to him, then he would chase after it. He seems to avoid conflict with new dogs. However, if a dog attacks him, Charlie would stick up for himself appropriately. Click HERE to watch a short video of Charlie.

IMG_3955 IMG_3949

This handsome boy is definitely a fan of people. Whenever someone walked by our house, Charlie would look at them and wag his tiny tail as fast as he possibly could! Adorable! We worked on the “Sit” command today, and he picked it up nicely. He probably knew it from his foster home, but since I was new to him, he had to re-learn it. He’s food-motivated and wanted to please me. Charlie will make some family thoroughly happy!


October 9

Charlie has made lots of progress in a short time. He has fit into our pack and our lives quite easily and is a good guy to live with. He is quiet and relaxed in the house, which is great. He will get excited if another dog barks but otherwise is quite mellow hanging around the house. Playing in the yard is another story; he is so happy to run and play in the yard. I feel pure joy coming from him when he is galloping happily around the yard with the other Border Collies. He isn’t into chasing the ball or even really herding the dog chasing the ball like some of my dogs, he just seems to love to gallop around in huge circles; just enjoying the exercise.

He is still interested in my goats, though not nearly as intensely, and I am no longer worried that he will jump the fence to attack them. Charlie has shown very little interest in my cats.

He has never had an accident in my house except for marking, which has diminished dramatically since he was neutered and a few times of my catching him right as he lifted his leg. He is still wearing a belly band in the house to be safe, but it is normally dry when I take it off.

Charlie is working on learning some basic dog manners. He now knows “kennel,” “wait,” “Charlie,” “sit,” “quiet,” and we are working on “lie down.” He knows where the dog toy box is and will find himself a Nylabone or chew toy and lay at our feet chewing. He is not really interested in being on furniture, but is an excellent sport when my teenage daughters want him to snuggle. I think he actually enjoys it.

Charlie interacts well with all my other dogs. He enjoys wrestling with my male dogs and gets along fine with the crabby females too. He enjoys the other dogs but seems to be a dog that would be fine as an only dog also.

Charlie_Stand Charlie_Walk

September 19

Charlie was an owner surrender from a shelter in Kentucky. After a long transport, he was quiet all night in his crate in the dog room. Hooray! He ran with the group of my dogs this morning. He even got my alpha female to play “catch me if you can” with him which is impressive! It is rare that my alpha female allows a new dog to play with her. Charlie was a little too interested in my goats the first night. Today, he paid much less attention to the goats, which is a good thing. Charlie caught on quickly that checking in with me (instead of looking at the goats) earned petting or a yummy treat. It made me happy because his first night, he seemed not to care about me at all. I guess that long day of travel and a totally new place full of great smells and livestock overwhelmed him at first. Today, he had a long-line on which made it easier for me to get him to stop playing and then come into the house. He is dirty looking now, but I will wait to bathe him until his incision is healed.

So far, my impression is that Charlie is a very nice dog who needs some rules and some mental work. He could have cared less about the ball that the others were chasing this morning, and he preferred to hang out with my male, who tours the yard marking the fence line. Charlie was totally appropriate with the other dogs, even the one who tried numerous times to mount him. Charlie told him in no uncertain terms to “back off,” but never escalated and was back to being happy, bouncy buddies once he got the message through. He may not be completely housebroken yet, but Charlie is a fabulous boy!