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Cash (Adopted!)


You must complete an adoption application with WBCR before we will consider you for one of our Border Collies (under the “adoption” link). One of our volunteers will check your references, and then another will come to your home to meet you & your family in person before the board will vote on your application. If you are approved, we will arrange a time for you to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. If you decide he/she is perfect for you and the board agrees, we will schedule a day for you to pick up your Border Collie, sign adoption paperwork, and pay the $350 minimum adoption donation. This whole process may take a month or more, as all WBCR members are volunteers and we’re committed to making a perfect match for our border collies. Thanks for your patience!

Please contact Julie for more information on Cash (Adopted!)

June 13

This is just going to be a quick update as I have so many things going on! We had more visitors last weekend. I have a hard time controlling how excited I am that someone new is here, but I settle down pretty quickly. We have more people coming tonight and I was informed some of them are going to be very small people. I lived with a young girl in my previous home, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Foster mom started working on doing my nails a couple days ago. I’m really not a fan of the dremel. But when she gave me a kong with frozen peanut butter inside, I was OK with laying down and letting her clip my nails. They’re pretty long, so we’ll probably do that again later this week. I’m OK with it since I love kongs! Foster mom also got me one of those extreme kongs that are black are stronger than the regular kongs. She said I’ll be able to take it with me to my forever home! She also has a bunch of recipes for what it can be stuffed with. I’m excited to try them.

One of my foster sisters turned 15 last Saturday and we all got ice cream to celebrate! I had a hard time figuring out how to keep my cup standing up. It kept tipping over and then running away from me. But I really liked the ice cream! I was also give a box with some holes and they put my food inside it. I wasn’t sure what they wanted me to do. I eventually figured out if I push it, food will come out. I’m still working on my technique, but it’s kind of fun!

There was a thunderstorm last night. It was lightning and the thunder even shook the house a couple times. It didn’t bother me at all. I just laid down and went to sleep. In fact, I’ve bee! n so good at night that foster mom has let me sleep out of the kennel!

We’re continuing to work on being OK in a kennel and walking nicely on a leash. I’m pretty sure I know what “down” means, though I still do it wrong sometimes. I’m getting much better at coming when called, but I’m still not allowed off leash outside.

I can’t believe I’ve been here for almost a month! I’m so excited to find my forever home! ~Cash

June 2

I’m back! It’s now been 2 weeks since I came into foster care. Where has the time gone?

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Whisky yet. She’s my foster cat sister. At first, I was really interested in her. She’s not afraid of dogs and had no problem telling me to leave her alone. It was very startling when she would hiss or swat her paw at me. Foster mom says I backed off appropriately. I do like to stare at her. The rule is that I can watch her, but if someone says my name or touches me, I need to pay attention to them. Since I know! my name, this is pretty easy. I see my foster sister and Whisky play together and I want to join in. I need to earn Whisky’s trust first. We’re working on it and I’m pretty sure I’ll get there. I’m a pretty irresistible guy.

Foster mom gave me a list of boring things that I’m supposed to let you know. So here they are. I have no problems with resource guarding. I can take treats and eat with other dogs around. I’m even willing to share my food with them. If I drop a toy and foster sister snatches it up right away, I’m happy to go find a different toy. I’m also happy to ride in a car. I have my own kennel in the back of our small van and I hop right up. Sometimes I even try to get in before the door has been opened. I’m quiet and spend most of the time laying down in the car.

Back to sometime more fun, we went on our first jog last night. We had always just walked, but this time we went faster. I’ve mentioned that I really like to sniff when we go on walks. Other than a couple trees and bushes that smell really good, I don’t need to sniff when we jog. I pull a little bit more, but really it’s because foster mom and dad don’t run fast enough. I’m learning to pace with whoever is holding my leash.

You know what a double standard is, right? It turns out foster sister is allowed on the bed and I’m not. It’s so not fair! But even with her jumping up there when we’re playing, I’ve learned that I’m not allow! ed there and I stay off. Every once in a while I forget, but it’s not too hard to remember. I would be happy to sit with you on a couch or a bed, but I can also learn that that’s not my place.

Last night, foster mom was catching up on some work while laying in bed and I decided the best place to lay down and chill out was my kennel which is right next to her bed. She was so impressed that the kennel is where I chose to relax that she took a picture of me. I don’t know what the big deal was. There was a kennel and the door was open, so I went in.

Over the past week I’ve gained two new nicknames, both of which have to do with how tall I am. The first is Gentle Giant since I am very sweet and gentle. Hence why I don’t understand the problem of jumping up on people to say hello. Maybe a more accurate way of putting it is I lay my paws on them. The other one is Big Money. I’m not going to put it on our website, but if you look at the definition of Big Money on urban dictionary, I’d agree. I am pretty awesome.

Catch you later!

May 30

There are so many things I want to tell you!

Foster mom has lifted most restrictions as my incisions are healing well. Boy do I love to play! I race around the living room with my foster sister. She loves to run and I love to chase her! It’s especially fun if I can run around with a toy in my mouth. We have toys all over th! e house, so it’s pretty easy to find one. We wrestle together sometimes, too, but I really like when we run.

Kongs are my favorite toy! I do enjoy getting peanut butter out of them, but I like carrying them around and playing fetch with them better. I’ll even put it on your lap so that you can throw it. That’s how awesome I am. 🙂 I’ll play fetch with other toys as well and I’m really good at bringing them back. If there’s another dog running around, I would prefer to hold on to my toy so that I can run with them instead of letting you throw it. Foster mom says I need to learn to ignore the other dogs and bring it back anyway, but they’re so much fun to chase! I also enjoy just chewing on my Kongs. My foster family only has the red ones, but she wanted me to let you know that if you become my forever family, you should buy me the black ones. They’re tougher and if I end up biting off a piece and swallowing it, they show up on an x-ray while the red ones don’t.

I really do like to play, but I’m also good at settling down in the house. If someone starts running or making a lot of noise, I’ll be up and wanting to do something. But if we’re all being calm, I’m calm as well.

I get breakfast and dinner in my crate. I’ve finally started feeling comfortable enough in my crate to eat my food after foster mom has walked away. I used to get too stressed to eat without her near, but my confidence is growing and I can now eat on my own!

Sunday night foster mom noticed that I have an infection. It’s kind of embarrassing, so I don’t want to tell everyone about it. I was really nervous at the vet. The vet was nice and I liked him, but the blue gloves he put on where pretty scary. My infection was much better after just two days of being on antibiotics, so it should be completely healed up soon with nothing to worry about. Foster mom puts my pills in random yummy food like string cheese and pancakes. I don’t mind eating them as long as they’re completely covered up.


May 27

Hello Again!

I’ve been in foster care for over a week already and so much has happened on top of the things I’ve already told you about.

I’m getting more and more comfortable in my foster home. Which means my true colors are starting to shine! Life isn’t very stressful anymore. Within a couple nights I was sleeping through the night in my kennel without making a sound. I do prefer to be kenneled in the same room as people. The kennel is also becoming less scary. When I’m left alone, I quiet down within 5 to 10 minutes and can relax until people come home. My foster sister that doesn’t really like me barks a lot when people leave. That doesn’t bother me at all.

I will admit, I do like to bark. When I see the neighbors out mowing their lawn, I need to make sure everyone is aware of what’s going on. It didn’t take long for me to figure out foster mom doesn’t like that. (I’m pretty smart if I do say so myself!) It’s really hard not to, sometimes I just can’t help myself. It’s getting easier as I practice. When we go on a walk and I see another dog walking, I want to go say hi so badly. I used to bark and pull towards them. I was telling foster mom to go towards them, but she seems to think that I’m telling her to walk the other way. If I want to be able to see them, I have to stay quiet and not pull. I got the quiet part down, but am still working on not pulling.

Foster mom had to go on a work trip so I spent a couple days with a different WBCR volunteer. She has some dogs that I played with and I got to play with toys outside! It took a little bit for me to figure out that toys were an outdoor thing as well as an indoor thing, but I love them everywhere now!

When I got back to my foster home, there were a bunch of new dogs and some new people as well. Turns out we had family visiting and they brought 3 more border collies. I didn’t get along with all of them as well as other dogs. But I backed away from one who didn’t like me and I told a different one that I didn’t like him. I do like other dogs, but I don’t get along with all of them. I love having more people here! Foster grandpa sat outside with me and foster sister throwing a toy for us, it was great! CLICK HERE for a video.

We’ve worked on learning my new name a lot and I think I finally have it down! Cash, that’s me! Although I do know my name, there are many things I would rather do than go to someone when they call me. We’re working on calling off of playing with foster sister and other dogs outside. We have a 4 foot fence and I do stay inside it, but sometimes I put my feet on top of it. Foster mom says I have a good amount of work to do before I’ll be allowed loose off leash.

I need to get back to making sure all of these visitors stay in line.

May 21

Hi Everyone! Cash here!

I had a pretty exciting first couple days with WBCR. I spent the first night with one of their awesome volunteers, but it was pretty stressful. The next day I was at a clinic getting neutered, having a broken tooth removed, and getting update to date on my vaccines. That evening I was finally able to meet up with my foster mom and head to Madison.

The first night was still a little stressful. I met my two foster sisters and foster dad. One of my foster sisters likes me and the other would prefer I stay away. I’m a good boy, so I give her the space she wants. Foster mom says once my incisions heal I’ll be able to play with my foster sister that likes me. Here are a couple videos of us playing gently while I heal. CLICK HERE FOR GENTLE PLAYING VIDEO #1! CLICK HERE FOR GENTLE PLAYING VIDEO #2! My foster dad is pretty great. He calls me a big goof. I’m working on sitting when I greet him instead of jumping on him. I don’t understand why it’s a problem, since I jump very calmly and don’t hurt him. But he still makes me do it.

I’ve been on many walks and love to sniff everything! That’s my favorite part. I’m figuring out when foster mom says, “Let’s go!”, that I need to stop sniffing and we’re going to find a new thing to sniff. I don’t pull too much, but I can’t help myself if there’s something that smells really good. Overall, foster mom says I’m an easy dog to! walk. I know how to sit, lay down, shake, and shake with the other paw (that last one impresses everyone!). So I can learn to not pull when I smell something good.

I’m very good in the house. I only had one accident, and that was when I first arrived to my foster home. So I had to wear the belly band. But now that I’ve been here a couple nights, I don’t have to any more! That’s a good thing since it’s messed up my beautiful coat. 🙂 I relax very well when the rest of my family is doing other things.

I would really like to play with toys! But due to my incisions, foster mom won’t let me show you how much I love it. Here’s a video of her not throwing the toy I brought her. Someday I really hope she will. CLICK HERE FOR TOY VIDEO!
The one thing I need help with is that crates are pretty scary. I’m happy to go in one, but I would really like if you let me out right away. I’m also not a fan of being left alone; especially left alone in a crate. This is what foster mom works with me the most on. I still don’t like it, but I do get really good treats while we work on it! Last time I got leftover t-bone steak. I wonder what I’ll get next time!

That’s all for now!