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You must complete an adoption application with WBCR before we will consider you for one of our Border Collies (under the “adoption” link). Then go to our PayPal link to pay the $15.00 application fee. One of our volunteers will check your references, and then another will come to your home to meet you & your family in person before the board will vote on your application. If you are approved, we will arrange a time for you to meet the dog(s) you are interested in. If you decide he/she is perfect for you and the board agrees, we will schedule a day for you to pick up your Border Collie, sign adoption paperwork, and pay the $350 minimum adoption donation. This whole process may take a month or more, as all WBCR members are volunteers and we’re committed to making a perfect match for our border collies. Thanks for your patience!


Please contact Andrea for more information on Cash3 Year Old Male (New Berlin, WI)

October 17

Hi! My name is Cash. My first few weeks in my foster home I slept inside my crate all day and all night. I didn’t have motivation for anything else. Now that has changed and I have discovered there is so much more to life. I’m happy and I like to show it! I love to chase toys, stare at squeakers, go for walks, eat, get love from any human, and give love to any human. I get along real well with the other dog in the house. He can run past me, steal my toy, bump into me on walks, and it’s cool. He isn’t allowed to eat my food or go in my crate; only humans can do that.

Anyways let me tell you about squeakers. Squeakers are unpredictable. Sometimes I pounce on one and it squeaks! Sometimes I run after it and it is silent. It’s crazy. I am still too excited and too scared to carry it in my mouth but I paw at it or bite at it when my foster mom throws it. I run as fast as I can to stare at it until she kicks it again. Sometimes I’m too excited so I have to avert my eyes from the squeaker so I look up into the trees; I give little glances at it to make sure it hasn’t moved. Sometimes my big foster brother parades around with the best squeakers in his mouth. When he does that, I prance behind him and we have lots of fun playing follow the leader.

My foster mom says I look like I could be from a heavy metal band from the 80s the way my mane fur is thick and fluffy. See picture.

I haven’t gone in the basement or to the second story yet. My foster mom rarely does but when she and her dog go, I just wait in the living room patiently until they come back down or up. She hasn’t pushed me to learn. I’m still cool with other dogs if I have some time to warm up to them from the safety of my crate. I think I would make a great dog for humans and I have potential to be a great brother to dog siblings.

If you want cute, sweet, and fun, then I’m your guy. Pick me!

October 10

Cash is continuing to learn that toys are a wonderful thing to have in his life. Keep in mind that the first couple weeks of living in his foster home, he didn’t really want to touch toys as if he didn’t know what they were and was suspicious of them laying in the middle of the floor. When I would play frisbee with my dog, Cash would hide under the picnic table waiting for us to be done. Now he is learning that toys are fun. Squeaking toys are extra crazy: https://youtu.be/dyXbM3Hx4Mw

Here he is running and fetching the frisbee: https://youtu.be/lHsawIRXF6A You can see his brain working as he figures out how to play. Cash’s excitement with some nervousness makes me excited about all the fun he can learn and have in his new life.

We dog sat for an old, calm female last weekend. He didn’t like her for the first 24 hours so he happily hung out in his crate. He didn’t know if she was going to go in his crate, eat his food, start a fight, etc. Once he realized she was harmless and minded her own business, he was comfortable and could be outside his crate. It seems as if Cash is learning that he doesn’t have to fight for his things like he may have done in his original home.

Walks continue to be easy and pleasant. We came across a neighbor mowing and that was extremely scary. He struggled to get away so we just turned around and went the opposite way. I assume vacuuming would be the same so I have had him hang out in the backyard when I use it to avoid unnecessary stress.


This video shows how well Cash walks on leash. You will see that he doesn’t pull because he prefers to stay next to you. You will also note that his tail wags the whole time. https://youtu.be/oWDjELzal-Q

He has been totally potty trained for over two weeks. He doesn’t counter-surf or go up on furniture or tables. He quickly learned the rules with a simple “no” or “off” a few times, and that was all he needed.


October 2

Cash has been with us for over three weeks. The first few weeks he spent a lot of time adjusting to his new surroundings by sleeping in his crate often with the door open. He wouldn’t play which may be because he didn’t have toys in his previous life. The last few days he has been playing and spending a lot of time outside of his crate. This video shows him discovering the world of toys this past week.

Going for walks is one of his favorite activities after being pet. He wags his tail, stays close, and smiles with a little Zipidy Doo Da in his step.


September 26

Cash continues to crave human touch. He loves every scratch, hug, and snuggle that comes his way. When he sees a new human, he is a shy but politely walks over and asks for a pet.

It seems Cash isn’t a big fan of other male dogs. He gives my male the side eye on a regular basis. He is more patient with female dogs overall. He probably would love to be the only dog in his forever home so he can get all the attention and not have to protect his food. I can take his food without any issue but he guards his food if another dog comes close to his crate during meal time.

Reasons Why I Love Cash
* His sweet appreciation of affection melts my heart.
* He is quiet and calm 99% of the time. See squirrel fact below for the other 1%.
* When he sees a squirrel, he immediately goes for it. It’s the fastest reaction I have ever seen. He has always been on leash so I have no idea if he could catch one.
* Cash makes himself comfortable anywhere. I found him on my dining room table checking things out the other day. He is not rude or pushy about getting to new places; he doesn’t know that tables aren’t for dogs to stand on yet.
* He really enjoys his crate. He will put himself to bed or take a nap near his human or in his crate.
* His potty training is going very well. He hasn’t marked anything in the house for a few days.

He was just neutered on Monday and is recovering well. He doesn’t need a cone because he is hardly licking his stitches. If you are looking for a quiet, slower-paced dog (not old! just goes at his own pace) to love and appreciate you, then Cash may be a match for you.

September 16

Cash has been at another member’s house. He has been nice & quiet in the crate. He’s shy at first, but loves people. He’s unsure of the five dogs at the dog sitter’s house – He licks his lips a lot (a sign of nervousness/stress), and he looks at them out of the corner of his eye while stiffening his body. He then ignores them.

Cash marks a lot outside. He sometimes marks inside, so he’s still wearing the belly band. He’s improving every minute of every day. When he sees new toys, he’s a little afraid of them at first. It’s cute how he backs away.

This cute fella has a wiry coat. This could be due to his skin being in poor condition prior to coming into foster care, or he could be mixed with a wiry coat breed. Some Border Collies do have a wiry coat, so we’re not sure about that part.

We noticed that flies and bees surprise him as if he’s never seen them before. Even though he’s a bit shy, scared, and/or uncertain, we’re sure that Cash will quickly get comfortable with things. He’s incredibly sweet and always wants to be with his person.


September 11

Cash has been in his foster home since September 7th, and is getting more comfortable each day with is new surroundings. He is a quiet thinker. You can see him observing all his surroundings so he can decide if he should proceed or hold still. He loves to be outside and look at the trees, grass and birds. He loves being pet more than anything. He would let you cuddle and scratch him all day if you had the time. When I come home from work or get up in the morning, you can hear his tail wagging in the crate.

Here are some milestones he has accomplished since arriving:

Day 1: He wouldn’t leave the driveway when we tried to go for a walk. He refused to walk down the back hallway to go out the back door.
Day 2: We made it to the next door neighbor’s house for our walk. I carried him through the back hallway, then I did some pushing/pulling down the hallway to show that he can do it himself.
Day 3: We made it past two houses on a few walks today. He made it down the hallway all by himself. It took him about ten minutes just thinking about it as he stared down the corridor.
Day 4: We made it past 5 houses! He is going up and down the hall without issue.
Day 5: We went around the entire half-mile block. We took some breaks to sniff and take in all the sites, but from time to time, he had some pep in his step!

He is so resilient! He wants to try things but in his own time. I am not sure if he was crate trained but he loves to eat so goes into his crate for meals and a few times when he was startled. He sticks close to the human whenever I am on the first floor. He has not attempted the basement or upstairs yet but we use those minimally.

Cash had his nose sliced at some point last week; we aren’t sure how. It is healing beautifully and doesn’t seem to bother him. He didn’t like his bath but he stuck his head between my knees and let me scrub and rinse for a while. He is such a sweet dog!