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Membership Application


Being a member requires a $5 yearly fee and active participation in a committee. You are considered “active” if you participate in any committee, at any level (such as fostering occasionally, checking PA references, or doing home visits, or working at an occasional fundraising event. etc.) and you wish to participate in the business end of the rescue, ie: voting for the board of directors and bylaws. We ask that you fill this out completely in the event you ever decide to foster, or to help us if we need an emergency overnight stay during a transfer.
Thank you.
Drue Wax, Volunteer Coordinator, WBCR.

Submission Agreement
  • I hereby agree to abide by the following terms during the time I am rescuing dogs as a representative of Wisconsin Border Collie Rescue.
  • I will not sell or give away any dog to a research facility, pet shop, dog broker, puppy mill, or any other person, firm or corporation that may cause harm either mentally or physically to any dog in my care.
  • I will not use any dog that comes to me through Wisconsin Border Collie Rescue for breeding purposes of my own or allow it to be used as such by any other person.
  • I will remember in my dealings with the public, that I represent Wisconsin Border Collie Rescue.
  • I agree to conduct my interaction with other members of the group both on the egroup list and off in a civilized and non-confrontational manner and will assume the best of the intentions of others. I understand that if I have a dispute or communication problem with another member, that I have a responsibility to work directly with that member to resolve the dispute. I further understand that hostile or hurtful posts to the rescue’s egroup will result in me being moderated and/or removed from the egroup and that all my communications with other members should be conducted with civility.
  • By submitting this form, I understand all of the above. I also agree to submit all necessary records that I may have (ie. relinquishment forms, vet records), related to any foster dog I may have in my care. I further appreciate the risks involved in working with Border Collies. I understand that Wisconsin Border Collie Rescue cannot be responsible for the actions and behaviors of the dogs that it seeks to rescue, and I agree to assume the risks implicit in working with dogs which have come into the care of Wisconsin Border Collie Rescue.

Membership Activities

FOSTER HOME – You are assigned a dog (based upon your ability and circumstances and what is known about the dog). You foster the dog and provide basic training, such as: house training if needed, crate training, basic obedience/manners. Obtain vet care for the dog. You are also responsible for posting regular updates on your foster dog’s progress to the group for inclusion on the website, taking photographs of your foster dog for the website, and assuring that the information is included on the website and is up-to-date and correct. You are responsible for responding to emails from potential adopters requesting information about your foster. (If you are unable to do this  you can request help from another member).  This is the heart of rescue, watching a mistreated dog blossom and see him/her find their forever home is a bittersweet experience.
POTENTIAL ADOPTER RESEARCHER – You will be assigned Potential Adopters. You will need to check their references, contact them by telephone to determine what type of dog they are looking for, arrange a home visit, help them by keeping them in mind when dogs become available on the website and egroup list. Put them in contact with the foster homes, follow up with the progress of the adopted dog. This is extremely important and rewarding because you are directly involved with the adoption process.
HOME VISITS – Home visits involve going to the Potential Adopter’s home to verify premises, neighborhood, and other pets make it safe for the new dog. A home visit worksheet is provided. A fun opportunity to meet other people interested in BCs.
TRANSPORTATION – Contacting shelters or people wanting to relinquish their dogs. Obtaining information and pictures of the dog. Evaluating a dog before it comes into the rescue to ensure it is a Border Collie. Performing a temperament test (checklist available). What is your experience with Border Collies? Are you familiar with the many variations in color, size, coat and shape that make up the Border Collie breed?
RELINQUISHMENT – Bringing a dog into the rescue from shelters, owners, others. Transporting a dog to the new owner or taking the dog for a vet appointment. These may involve long drives and possibility overnight stays. Would you need to use a crate?
TRAINING ADVICE ASSISTANCE – Providing training advice (in person, via email or by telephone) to a border collie owner having difficulties. Goal to attempt to prevent relinquishment by addressing the underlying problem. Do you  have  training experience that would assist you in this?
FUNDRAISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS – Donating items or baked goods for various promotions such as rummage sales/raffles, etc. Manning booths selling shirts, toys and other dog related items at local trials, agility,  herding, Frisbee and fly ball competitions or other events. Helping to make flyers to be distributed at trials and events. Working with the PR committee to arrange special events. Helping with fundraising ideas.
ADOPTION  FOLLOW UP – This would involve contacting past adopters and checking the progress of the dog and forwarding your report back to the group.